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Les Mills Pump Day 52

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Shred

Busy day!  I spent the first half getting things ready for my event tonight.  After that, it was off to the event!  I’d say the event went pretty well.  It was a good experience.  As soon as I got home, I fell asleep.  Just straight up put my things down and laid down.  All I wanted to do was rest for a few minutes but for some reason I was tired.  I woke up a couple hours later.  I did not get my workout in and it was too late to go to the gym to get my run in.  I was contemplating on using today as an off day and working out on Sunday because I was sleepy.  I said to myself to get up and do it.  I know I would regret it tomorrow.  I worked out to Pump and Shred.  This was the last time I was working out to the DVD until I finish Les Mills Pump.  I worked through it especially in the lunge track.  I kept the 5 pound plates on the barbell.

Right now I am debating on staying up for the rest of the night so I can “reset” my sleep habits and go to bed early tomorrow night.  Or if I should just go to bed now and get up early either way.  I know I need the proper rest but I don’t want to end up waking up late again.  Hmmm…what to do lol. I haven’t lost a pound this week, which is starting to get frustrating.  I need to work on my eating habits on top of my sleeping habits.  I’m eating healthy for the most part by making breakfast and having Shakeology for lunch.  Lately, I have been buying salads from restaurants around the area.  I think it’s time to start cooking more.  Let’s lose some weight this week!


Les Mills Pump Day 51

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs & Combat
Other: Walk/Run Interval – 30 minutes

It was another relaxing, yet busy day.  I spent the day doing schoolwork once again and some work stuff from home.  I finally ran my errands tonight but I didn’t make it out to the grocery store.  Before I left the house, I worked out to Hard Core Abs.  After I did my errands, I went to the gym to train for my 5K.  I’m just following the app on my phone and hopefully I’ll catch up to where I’m supposed to be before the race.  I went a a little faster during my run intervals.  I was going to leave it at that as far as working out.  I decided to workout to Combat as soon as I got home.  A part of me wanted to see how many calories I would burn during Combat.  I burned 464 calories in that 45 minute workout.  I was sweating a lot more tonight in both my running and Combat.  It could be that it was warmer outside today but I love that sweat!

Time to get some rest!  It’s another busy day tomorrow!  I have more schoolwork and I have to get ready for my event tomorrow night.  Oh and trying to fit in more errands and my workout on top of that.  Gotta love it : )

Les Mills Pump Day 47

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs & Flow

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

I am going to bed earlier and earlier each night, which is always a good thing.  When I woke up, I still felt a bit tired but not as bad as the the day before.  I spent my day doing homework and other work from my laptop.  I have been putting a dollar in a jar for every workout I complete and everyone pound that I lose since I started Les Mills Pump.  I have been wanting to buy a heart rate monitor and I more than enough money in the jar to finally buy one.  I found a great deal on eBay for an unopened Polar FT7 heart rate monitor.  I should arrive by October 18th at the latest.  I can’t wait to start using it in my workouts!

I took a break with a workout to Hard Core Abs and Flow.  It was kind of a recovery day I guess.  I went to finally pick up my Mom’s Birthday present after all of that.  My Dad and I split her present…a Keurig brewing system.  She has been wanting one and it’s the least I can do after all that she has done for me.  I want to make my Mom as happy as I can.  It’s taken me a long time to finally appreciate the ones that love you the most.  Life is too short so spend time with the ones who treat you right and tell them how much you love them.  You never know what tomorrow brings.

We went out for dinner to a restaurant of her choice.  It was a Chinese/Japanese buffet of course.  At the price for each person, it was amazing to see the very small selection of healthy choices they had.  Even though my Mom says differently, I think I ate so bad.  She said I didn’t eat as much compared to the way I used to eat.  Either way, I feel extremely guilty right now.  I don’t like this feeling.  What is also upsetting to me is how restaurants can keep serving bad foods and people keep eating it up.  There is still no excuse for me eating like crap.  My self discipline with food is one major area I have trouble in.  It’s as if I have no choice when it comes to going to a restaurant with barely any healthy options.  I do though.  It’s a learning experience each time I eat like this.  I have to remember that it took me YEARS to get where I am and it is a challenge to get to my goal weight.  Each time I fail, it does not mean I am giving up.  It is just a small bump in the road.  I have to work harder.  Tomorrow is a new day.


Les Mills Pump Day 46

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Shred & Combat

Yes!  I went to bed earlier than the night before and woke up a little late but I stayed up.  The only problem was that I have been feeling super tired over the past couple of days.  Regardless of waking up late, I have been getting plenty of sleep.  All I have been wanting to do lay in my bed and sleep.  I did that for half of my day.  My eating habits have been the same too.  Maybe it’s the odd hours I’ve been going to bed?  I feel fine at the moment.  It was a bit hard getting through my workout to Pump and Shred this afternoon.  I woke up from a nap, which was not needed, and worked out.  My arms are still sore from Pump Revolution too.  To think of it, it all started after I did Pump Revolution.  Anyways, I pushed through the workout and modified my push ups and lunges.

I had one more workout to do earlier tonight at Fit Club.  I had a couple packets of the Energy and Endurance Formula from Beachbody.  It’s a pre-workout formula to help improve your energy, endurance, strength, and focus.  I mixed it with water on my way to Fit Club.  We worked out to Combat.  I definitely felt more energy during my workout and it helped me power through it.  It’s another supplement I’m thinking about getting now that I know it helps when I’m feeling tired.

It is nice to get my workout done earlier.  I can relax for the rest of the night.  Tomorrow will for sure be my errand and schoolwork day.  It is also my Mom’s Birthday tomorrow.  I want to make sure I get everything done before her Birthday dinner.  I’m going to bed as early as I can so I wake up as early as I can.


Les Mills Pump Day 45

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs & Combat

Day 45…sounds like the halfway point to me!  Is it just me or have the past couple of months gone fast?  Well, I went to bed super late again last night. I don’t know what my problem is lately!  On top of that I woke up early this morning, feel asleep again, and woke up the latest that I have woken up in a LONG time.  I need to turn off the TV and not look at my phone in bed.  When I finally woke up, I felt the soreness in my arms.  I expected it after last night’s workout to Pump Revolution.  No worries because I love that sore feeling.

I didn’t have an exciting day.  I spent my entire day at home doing some schoolwork.  The only time I went out was to go to the grocery store.  It was an extra day to let my foot heal more, which I think is almost there.  I just have to be careful with it.  I worked out to Hard Core Abs before I left the house and worked out to Combat when I got back.  Tomorrow should be more of a productive day full of errands, more schoolwork, and Fit Club.


Les Mills Pump Day 33

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Shred

TGIF!  I spent most of my day and night doing things from home including homework.  I am still trying to get in the habit of doing schoolwork since I was out of school for a while.  I especially need to work on completing the bulk of my homework ahead of time.  I finished my homework late and afterwards, my brain was worn out and I was ready for bed.  There was one more thing I needed to do before bed though.  I needed to get my workout done.

My mind was telling me to just go to bed.  I am a bit sore from working out to Insanity last night…most particularly in my upper back.  There was no way I would skip a scheduled workout.  I would regret not getting my workout in.  I worked out to Pump and Shred for the second time.  I powered through the warm up and even the Squat Track.  Squats and Bottom Halves are getting easier as I do them.  I have no problem at all with performing moves in the Chest Track either.  Executing moves with my arms are definitely easier than my legs.  I love doing the Clean and Press along with Deadlifts and Dead Rows in the Legs and Back Track.  The Clean and Press has become one of my favorite moves.  I decided to challenge myself by going back to the 10 pound plates on the barbell.  I have gotten stronger since the last time I tried the 10 pound plates.  It was still a challenge but I had fun with it.

Following that track was the Legs Track aka crazy lunges.  I mentioned earlier this week that I would do the lunges with the barbell only.  I had difficulty the last time and took a few breaks.  I am proud to say that I kept the 5 pound plates on and kept up the whole time.  There were a few times that I wanted to shake my legs out.  I was shaking and of course it was getting harder on my legs but I kept going.  The only way I can get stronger is if I keep going and work through the burn.  In the Shoulders Track, I modified the pushups and even that was hard with the different counts.  It’ll get easier to do pushups as I lose more weight.  I was dripping in sweat at the end of that track.  Trying to get my shoulder across to my knee in the Abs Track is a killer each time and it’s always a great feeling after I do abs.

I am definitely going to sleep well tonight and tomorrow I’ll be heading to the Team Beachbody Chicago Super Saturday event where Carl Daikeler, CEO/Founder of Beachbody, will be the special guest.  It will be a good day tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend and as always, KIA KAHA…BE STRONG!

Les Mills Pump Day 29

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Shred

Today kick off Les Mills Pump Week 5!  Hope you all had a wonderful and healthy weekend!  I know I did!  I weighed myself when I woke up and I lost another pound!…8 pounds total lost since August 27th.  It looks like calorie counting is helping me melt the fat away once again.  I think I would lose more weight if I can get to bed earlier and wake up earlier.  And most importantly, get the proper amount of sleep.  I went to bed super late so I can take my test and get my homework done.  That is what I will work on this week beginning tomorrow because it’s late as I write this.  Oops!

I worked what I thought was my final day of working 11 consecutive days and nights.  I thought wrong.  I didn’t know that I was put on the schedule for tomorrow morning so it looks like it will end up being 12 days and nights.  Now I am very looking forward to relaxing, running errands, getting homework done, and doing a little work from my computer on Wednesday.  I’ll be off until Monday.  Work went by at a good pace and even though I am exhausted, I did a good amount of walking around.  I went for a late dinner with a friend at Jason’s Deli and hit up their salad bar.  I didn’t realize that I went a little past my calorie intake for the day until I got home and logged my dinner.

I was planning on working out twice tonight after finding out that I went over my calories; that is until I worked out to Pump and Shred.  I worked out to Pump and Shred for the first time tonight.  It is the longest workout that I have completed so far with it being 45 minutes long.  It’s all about endurance and of course The Rep Effect.  And let me tell you, that was nuts.  My arms and legs are shaking again and I worked up a huge sweat.  There are a couple tracks that I haven’t done since Pump Challenge…Legs and Shoulders.  This time around, they are longer and tougher.  I had to take a few breaks during the Legs track because my legs were burning hardcore.  I thought I didn’t like squats the most but I’m changing it to lunges as they are not my favorite at the moment haha.  I used the barbell with 5 pound plates.  Next time, I’ll just use the bar until I am strong enough to go through the track without stopping.  In the Shoulders track, my shoulders were burning big time too.  When I finished my workout, my hands kept shaking from working on my shoulders.  I decided that Pump and Shred was enough.  I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow.  I can’t even imagine what Pump Revolution and Pump Extreme will bring when I do those in Phase 2.


Les Mills Pump Day 27

Les Mills Pump Workout: Les Mills Core & Flow

The weight continues to come off!  I have lost 2 more pounds this week bringing my total to 4 pounds lost in this week alone and 7 pounds total since beginning Les Mills Pump on August 27th.  I’m almost back to the weight at the end of my second round of Insanity.  I would like to lose at least 3 more pounds by the end of next week.

It was a good day at work minus the cold and very windy conditions.  I only have one more day left at that location and one more at another on Monday.  I am absolutely ready for an off day from work.  I have been getting more exhausted as each day passes.  I was getting tired while sitting in traffic on the way home and I laid down as soon as I got home.  I wanted to get some homework done but instead I dozed off here and there.  It’s so hard to get up once you get so comfy on your bed lol.  I hung out with a friend who came home to visit for the weekend.  We did some catching up and watched a movie so it was a relaxing night.

I got home a little late and I was still exhausted.  All I wanted to do was go straight to bed but I worked out to Les Mills Core and Flow.  Even though it’s a recovery day, I wanted to incorporate a core workout.  I could feel the soreness in my stomach from the previous night when I worked out to Les Mills Core for the first time.  I did Core once again and the burn was crazy when I was doing the Cross Crawl.  I did the best I could do.  I am getting the hang of the moves in Flow. It was a great, relaxing workout and it was a perfect ending right before I bedtime.  I am excited for an off day from working out tomorrow!


Les Mills Pump Day 20

Les Mills Workout: Hard Core Abs & Walk 45 Minutes

Christine why can’t you just go to bed early when you have to get up early in the morning…or in general!  Sorry for the third person talk lol.  It’s totally true.  I went to bed late.  I literally set at least 7 or 8 alarms that go off every 5 minutes.  I end up pressing snooze with each of them up until the very last one or I reset a couple new ones.  I lost count on how many times I snoozed.  I didn’t have time to make breakfast so I quickly blended up some Shakeology and took it to go.

Work went a bit faster than yesterday and I walked more too.  On the Les Mills Pump schedule, it says to walk for 45 minutes.  I definitely walked and went up and down stairs for at least a couple hours.  After work, I went home and relaxed for the rest of the night.  A few years ago, I used to go out almost every night especially on a Saturday night.  These days, I enjoy sitting at home by myself or with friends.  Let’s add on doing school work and working out.

I had a late workout to Les Mills Pump: Hard Core Abs.  Every time I do abs, I push myself harder and that goes the same with the other workouts.  But I really wanted to work my core out as hard as I can tonight. I attempted to do the Walking Hover in full form by not having to put my knees down in a plank.  I can stay up long doing a normal plank but with the Walking Hover, you are walking up to a push up from your elbows in plank position.  I am not strong in push ups at the moment.  I was able to do a couple reps in full form and had to go put my knees down.  There are a couple other moves that I think are hard too.  One is the Side Hover Crunch.  This is where you are on your side (of course) with an elbow and leg down and then bring your arms and legs in and out.  I’ve been okay with that move and didn’t modify the last two times including this one.  I’d say the hardest move would be the Side Plank Crunch.  You are again on your side with an elbow down but the main difference is your legs are straightened out.  I tried to put my legs straight out last time and did it again this time.  I was shaky and fell over a few times.  I’m confident that I’ll be able to do those moves without modifying soon since I’m getting stronger each time.

Yesterday I was sitting down and randomly looked town towards my stomach.  I was thinking, “how did I get to this” and “why did I do this to myself?”  I have looked in the mirror countless times and thought “wow, I need to lose weight.”  I think it really hit me this time.  I was looking back older pictures and it’s hard to believe how much bigger I used to be.  I did not look healthy at all.  By the way, I had no intention of looking at old pictures either.  However, I might do a side by side comparison at my heaviest and how I look now so you can all see.  I’ll do it sometime next week.  In the past, I wanted to lose weight badly.  I never have felt this motivated to lose the weight now.  Even when I first started Insanity and a few weeks ago when I started Les Mills Pump.  No more giving into unhealthy food, getting off track, and then waiting to find the right time to start over.  There is no waiting to find the right time with the things you want the most in life.  Now is the time to strive to be the best version of myself.


Les Mills Pump Day 19

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Burn

Happy Friday!

I had a hard time falling asleep last night.  It took me about an hour and a half to finally fall asleep.  I then had to wake up early so I can check out something at school before I went to work.  When I woke up I decided to workout instead.  The thing at school can wait until Monday.  I haven’t worked out before 8:00 am since the 6:30 am Super Workout at the 2012 Team Beachbody Coach Summit.  I normally don’t workout super early in the morning but I just might have to try it out for a week.  I really need to work on my sleeping habits.  I worked out to Pump and Burn.  Throughout my workout, I noticed how sore my upper back and shoulders were.  I don’t know if it’s from doing Combat last night or what.  Either way, I still love the feeling of being sore because there’s room for me to get stronger.  Again, I didn’t modify in any moves but those bottom halves get me every time.  I worked right through them as much as my legs were burning.  I enjoyed working out first thing in the morning.  It leaves me room to take my time after work and I don’t have to worry about it later on.  But regardless, I’ll make time for my workouts if I don’t do them first thing in the morning.

After another healthy and satisfying breakfast, I went to work.  Today starts my 11 days straight of work with Monday being a double.  I keep trying to figure out why I do this but I’ve convinced myself that I’m crazy…just kidding!  I just enjoy staying busy.  Work keeps me a lot more active since I do a ton of walking around and going up and down stairs.  You know what that means?  More exercise!!  With all the exercise I’ll be getting over the next week and a half, I hope it helps me shed a couple more pounds.  I haven’t lost any weight since Monday which gets frustrating but what can you do.  I just need to keep pushing play and work on eating a little more cleaner.  I’m not taking in as much fruits and vegetables as I want to.  I know, I know…less talking, more doing.  I’m doing what I can and it’s still progress to me.  I’ll get there either way : )

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and KIA KAHA…BE STRONG!