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Les Mills Pump Day 32

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs & Flow
Insanity Workout: Max Interval Circuit

It was another day off relaxing and also getting some small things done from home.  I woke up early but went back to bed.  I woke up a lot later than I wanted to the second time.  I weighed myself when I was finally up and I lost another 2 pounds!  10 pounds total since August 27th!  I am very close to where I was at the end of my second round of Insanity and the lowest weight that I have been at in years.  I think I’ll be able to get to it by the end of the week.  Yes it’s almost the end of the week but after all the workouts I have done today, it’s possible.

I worked out to Hard Core Abs and Flow this afternoon.  I found it a bit harder while working out to Hard Core Abs.  I’m not sure if it’s because I might be a little sore.  I did more than I did the last time I worked out to Hard Core Abs by trying not to modify as much in plank position.  Following that workout, I took on a challenge that one of the group members posted.  It was to see how long one can stand next to a wall in the squat position.  My time was 2 minutes and 1 second.  That was definitely not easy and as much as my legs were shaking and burning, I held out as long as I could.  I had to take a minute after I was done to recover.  I wouldn’t have been able to hold out so long if it weren’t for Les Mills Pump and their squats galore lol.  I’m sure I’ll be able to go longer as I lose more weight and get stronger.  I then worked out to Flow which was relaxing as usual.  My exercise for the day was not complete.  We worked out to Insanity’s Max Interval Circuit at Fit Club tonight.  I haven’t done any month two Insanity videos since June.  I was out of breath a bunch of times but I kept up as best as I could.  I was definitely doing Child’s Pose a few times throughout my workout.  At the end, I was sweating hardcore.  Clearly my endurance needs to be worked on.

I need to work on my endurance to not only be able to keep up whenever I workout to Insanity, but because I signed up for my first ever 5K race.  I will be doing the Hot Chocolate 5K in Chicago on November 4th.  I have been wanting to participate in a 5K race for some time now.  What a better way to run in my first one with chocolate being the main focus haha.  I won’t splurge too much and at least it’ll be early on a Sunday so it’s like a cheat day.  I am not a runner at all so I will have to start training tomorrow.  I am also raising funds before the race for Ronald McDonald House Charities® Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.  To learn more about their cause or to make a donation, please visit https://ramracing.racebx.com/fundraising/view/5064b246-9fa4-4613-8905-362cc0a86524.  Any amount will greatly be appreciated!  Thanks!


Les Mills Pump Day 11

Les Mills Pump Workout: Flow
Insanity Workout: Pure Cardio

I had a semi-productive day today.  I cooked a healthy breakfast and lunch.  I can’t remember the last time I cooked back to back healthy meals.  It’s probably been a couple of months.  I usually have Shakeology for lunch, which by the way I switched to the new Chocolate Vegan formula, but my cousin was coming over so I wanted to make us lunch.  I gave my lunch some time to settle and worked out to Flow.  It’s nice to have recovery days when I have to workout again at Fit Club later on.

We went to Fit Club and worked out to Insanity Pure Cardio.  This was my cousin’s first time trying Insanity and she did alright.  It amazes me that I’m able to dig deep whenever I workout to Insanity.  I had a great sweat as usual and finished off my night with a Shakeology shake as my dinner.

Insanity Day 63 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: None – ROUND 2 COMPLETED

Sorry, my Final Fit Test was never recorded.

Insanity Day 62 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs

Insanity Day 61 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Max Interval Plyo

Insanity Day 60 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Core Cardio and Balance

Insanity Day 59 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Max Interval Circuit

Insanity Day 58 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs

It has been another beautiful day in the Chicago Area!  I started out my day by playing tennis with another former teammate this morning.  My shots were a bit off and again I need to work on my consistency.  I made sure I kept drinking water so I don’t feel the way I did on Sunday night.  After playing, I picked up a bottle of Spirulina tablets.  I have been hearing a lot about Spirulina lately and I thought I would include it in my diet.  Spirulina is a blue-green algae which is a “superfood” and immune booster.  It is also a rich source of natural, plant-based iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C, and an excellent source of plant protein, with up to 70% of its dry weight being protein.  I just started taking it today so I will report on how I’m feeling after a week.

I was back at work tonight after having the day off yesterday.  As usual, I did a bunch of walking around and had a good night at work.  I worked out to Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs as soon as I got home.  I had a great workout regardless of how my body was feeling.  I was feeling a little pain when I walked in my bladder.  Let’s just say I made a big mistake by not going to the washroom until after work.  I’m hoping the pain will go away once I wake up in the morning and it’s nothing major.  I’ll be playing tennis again and I’m going to try to get my workout in before I go to work too.

Insanity Day 57 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Fit Test #4/Max Interval Plyo

What the…I fell asleep at 9:00pm last night and woke up at noon!  I slept for 14 hours and I guess working in the sun yesterday really took a lot out of me.  I even fell asleep in the clothes I went to work in.  I woke up at 6:00am and woke up a few more times after that and I still managed to go back to sleep.  The same thing happened to one of the girls I work with yesterday too.  We were supposed to go to the movies but both of us passed out super early.  We were thinking maybe we had a very minor heat stroke which is a crazy, yet scary thought.  I made sure I drank enough water yesterday.

I have been putting off my fourth Fit Test from last Monday and I finally did it today after I woke up.  There’s only a week left to my second round of Insanity but better late than never!  I improved a tiny bit in most of the moves in this Fit Test.  Following the Fit Test, I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon because I still had a small headache.  I had a headache before I went to bed last night too.  My skin was feeling hot like I was in the sun even though I was inside the whole day.  I need to cool down and keep drinking water.  I heard drinking coconut water is a great way to stay hydrated so I picked up a couple of them from the grocery store before I picked up my friend from the airport.

I did a late workout to Max Interval Plyo when I got home and I was feeling a little better from earlier.  I drank a lot of water during my workout and took a few more breaks than usual so I don’t get too tired.  I had a good workout either way.  Even though it’s late, I’m still wide awake.  I guess that’s what I get for sleeping 14 hours.  I’m going to be playing tennis early tomorrow morning so I better force myself to bed.

Fit Test #4 Results (Numbers are not actual reps):
1. Switch Kicks = 4
2. Power Jacks = 1
3. Power Knees = 1
4. Power Jumps = 2
5. Globe Jumps = 0
6. Suicide Jumps = 1
7. Push-Up Jacks = 2
8. Low Plank Oblique = 2

Insanity Day 56 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Off Day

Whew it has been a long day!  I wasn’t able to do my Fit Test like I wanted to this morning because I had an early day at work.  I didn’t do any walking around today but it felt like I worked out either way.  It was a hot one and I literally worked in the sun the entire time.  I made sure I stayed hydrated though.  Other than that, it was a nice off day from working out.  Again, not much to say over the past couple of days so I apologize for that lol.  I’m feeling a bit tired and it’s still early so we’ll see how late my night goes.