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Les Mills Pump Day 59

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump Extreme
Other: Walk/Run Interval – 21 minutes

Did I go to bed for a little bit last night? Nope!  Well, almost.  I was ready to go to bed and I had an idea to make one last gift for my best friend on her Birthday.  As soon as I finished that, I left to run to a couple of stores before I went to her house.  It ended up taking an hour and a half of running around but I made it to her house just in time before she went to work.  I picked up a cup of Starbucks for her (and a Venti for myself because I needed it), bagels and donuts, and a piece of cake with pink candles.  I lit the candles, rang the doorbell, and SURPRISE!  I went straight home when she left for work.  I’m glad the sun came out for my ride home.  The coffee and the Speed Racer drivers kept me very alert.  Why can’t people drive like that during rush hour traffic…don’t they want to get home fast too?  I was afraid the coffee and sun would keep me up.  I covered my eyes and fell asleep for a few hours.  As soon as I woke up, I finally caught up with all of my posts.  I’m sorry for the slow updates over the past few days.  I haven’t been at my computer that much.

The weather was super nice today. It was the nicest day we’ve had since summer ended.  I took advantage of this weather by going out for a run.  Actually, I did 21 minutes of walking and running intervals.  I had to cut it a few minutes short because I had to get ready for dinner.  Running around the neighborhood is definitely tougher than a treadmill.  I felt more out of breath.  I need to keep running outside until my 5K in a week and a half; in nice weather or cold weather.

I went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with a couple friends that I met in middle school.  The restaurant we went to is where you can make your own stir fry.  I love going to these type of places because you can choose your own ingredients.  And I learned how to pack all of the ingredients well enough so I’m able to eat enough at the restaurant and take the rest home for lunch the next day.  It was a good balance of protein, veggies, and carbs to get me through Pump Extreme tonight.  After dinner, we walked around a bit to talk more and went to Starbucks again haha.  This time I had an iced tea.  It was a nice time catching up.

I worked out to Pump Extreme when I got home.  I always push myself a little more in each workout.  As I progressed through the workout, the tougher it got.  A few times I had beads of sweat coming down my face and into my eyes.  It was like I was crying.  I had few wipes here and there but I didn’t stop.  I’ll have to buy a headband since it’s harder to wipe your face with a barbell in your hands of course.  The lunge track was killer as usual.  The lunge track in Pump Extreme is the hardest track in the entire series in my opinion.  The sweat in my eyes affected my contacts during the abs track.  After the abs track, I had to take the left contact out.  482 calories were burned from Pump Extreme.

I love the track they chose for the cool down at the end of Pump Extreme.  It’s a cover of “Let Me Be Myself” by 3 Doors Down in the workout.  I always find myself listening to the song over and over again after I workout to it.  Lead singer, Brad Arnold, stated that the song “is about just be yourself, without thinking in what the people say.”  I totally agree.  The song is a powerful reminder to not let anyone hold you back and make yourself happy first.  And that’s what I am doing.  It inspires me to keep going so I can be the best version of myself.  This song is true “Kia Kaha song”…a be strong song.

I have decided that I am going to switch up my off day from Sunday to Saturday for this week only.  I have to pack light and I will be leaving my laptop at home for once.  I always bring it with me on trips.  I am leaving Friday night for a 12 hour road trip to Virginia so I’ll be able to get my workout done that day.  Sunday is a scheduled walk for 60 minutes.  When I get home, I figure that I’ll either workout to Combat or head to the gym for more 5K training as soon as it opens up at midnight.  I have lots to accomplish before I leave but I can’t wait for a mini-vacay!


Les Mills Pump Day 58

Les Mills Workout: None
Other: 30 minutes Zumba Fitness (PS3) & 50 minutes Fit In Six (PS3)

Rainy weather just makes me want to lay around. And I did just that.  I watched a movie at home and went to my friend’s house for a Singstar/Zumba night on PS3.  I showed up in workout clothes too.  We did a little Singstar when I arrived and switched to Zumba Fitness.  I think I only tried it out once or twice.  I am not a dancer in any way haha.  We Zumba’d for 30 minutes and I was sweating at the end.  I had my heart rate monitor on.  I burned 180 calories.  I was planning on working out to Combat when I got back home but she had another fitness game called Fit In Six.  I thought, why not get my workout done now.  In Fit In Six, I worked out to Kickboxing (Burning Fist), Boot Camp (Superset Workout Pro), and Pilates (Core Centering).  It was about 50 minutes long for the three workouts combined.  Including Zumba, I burned 471 calories working out at my friends.  It’s equivalent to the calories I would have burned with Combat.  It was a great impromptu workout session.

I sort of re-injured my foot again when I was doing Zumba.  I was wearing my workout shoes.  I took them off and they felt okay but I could still feel it in my foot.  It was late by the time I left her house.  I decided to go home instead of going to the gym to run especially since my foot was hurting again.  I’ll run outside tomorrow because it’s supposed to be in the high 70’s and sunny.  The decision to go home after was also so I can go to bed early.  It’s my best friend’s Birthday tomorrow and I want to surprise her at her house with a few things before she leaves for work.  I know she won’t see this until she wakes up, which is when I plan on being there, so it’s okay for me to say it now. : )



Les Mills Pump Day 57

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump Revolution
Other: Walk/Run Interval – 28 minutes

Hello Week 9 of Les Mills Pump!  And my last week of Phase 2!  Time to work harder! The only problem was that I woke up early and fell back asleep for a few hours.  I woke up much later.  My sleeping habit is my biggest problem right now.  I went to a restaurant to meet up with a couple friends to watch the Chicago Bears game for Monday Night Football.  Like I said yesterday, I was hoping for the Bears defense to do a miracle for me in order for me to win this week in Fantasy Football.  I didn’t win but it’s okay because the Bears won.  What was not okay was that I didn’t eat healthy during dinner.  Lately, I have been craving bad foods.  I have been getting those cravings out of my system instead of holding back.  If I do, I’ll binge later on when the cravings get worse.  I’ll have to teach myself to enjoy those cravings here and there and space it out.

I went straight to the gym after the game to train for my 5K.  I did more running this time since I was following my 5K training app.  Half-way through, I wanted to quit and I almost did.  I was maybe feeling the effects from the foods that I ate at dinner.  I kept telling myself, don’t quit and I didn’t.  I kept up with the pace too.  I went home to finish my workout with Pump Revolution.  I thought I was supposed to do Pump Extreme but I was looking at the wrong week…Week 8.  I can’t believe it’s already Week 9.  It was a tough workout to get through and again, I didn’t give up.  I only modified during the hover in the abs track.  It was a small modification.  Other than that, it was an awesome workout and I ended with a huge sweat.  I burned 489 calories from it.

I’m going to drink Shakeology for as many meals as I can this week in order to cleanse my system of the bad foods that I ate.  I would love to do the three-day cleanse but it would have to be when I am not working out as hard.  I’m going out of town this weekend to Virginia.  I’ll have to look at the Les Mills Pump schedule for the weekend.  I might need to modify so I don’t have to bring any weights.


Les Mills Pump Day 56

Les Mills Pump Workout: Off Day

Off day from Les Mills Pump!  It’s great to rest the body after six straight days of some form of exercise, whether it be walking, running, or cardio/weight training.  I went to a friend’s house for an all day fest of football since we’re in the same Fantasy Football league.  I still have a game left tomorrow but I’m most likely going to lose because most of my players didn’t perform well today.  I need a miracle from the Bears defense to win haha.  It was a perfect autumn day again with the sun shinning and warm weather.  After watching most of the games, we went to a pumpkin patch nearby.  We walked around for a bit and I bought a few mini pumpkins.

I went back to my friend’s house for more football and had dinner.  I met up with another friend at the movies and watched Pitch Perfect.  It was the best movie that I have seen since The Avengers…even though it came out earlier this year.  I would say it in my top five.  I was non-stop laughter and I’m sure I burned a lot of calories from laughing so much.  I guess I did “workout” after all right? : )

I didn’t lose a pound at all this past week, which is disappointing considering that I have been losing at least two pounds a week.  Maybe I have hit a plateau.  Hopefully I will get back on track this week.  Regardless, I am still feeling fitter and healthier.  I feel great actually.  I can’t forget that progress is progress.  The scale may not move, but my clothes feel looser.  I’ll work harder this week for sure.  Tomorrow marks the beginning of Week 9 of Les Mills Pump and the final week of Phase 2.  Also,  the Hot Chocolate 5K race is exactly two weeks from today.  Gotta turn up the training!


Les Mills Pump Day 55

Les Mills Pump Workout: Walk – 60 Minutes

Once again, I woke up early after sleeping great.  I got ready and met up with my best friend at the mall for some shopping.  Well, it was more like walking for me instead of shopping.  Walking for 60 minutes was on the schedule for today and I did at least the minimum of 60 minutes.  We had a very satisfying and delicious lunch after the mall.  I went home once we were done and I managed to fall asleep for a few hours.  I think my body is in some sort of hibernation mode or something because I have been sleeping so much over the past few weeks.  It all started when the seasons changed and my two jobs ended for the year.  I ended up staying in and catching up on my shows and watching movies for the rest of the night.


Les Mills Pump Day 54

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump Extreme

I just had the best sleep in a long time!  I slept for 8 hours and I felt so refreshed in the morning.  I took melatonin last night and fell asleep earlier than I have during the past few weeks.  I spent most of my morning and afternoon finishing up homework.  I attended a work meeting tonight and stayed to watch the Chicago Bulls game.  I had a blast!  It was a nice way of taking a break from a busy day.  I still had to finish up my homework so I went straight home to do it.

Once I was finally done, I worked out to Pump Extreme.  I knew what to expect so I pushed harder.  The workout was harder especially during the lunge track.  It was hard to keep up because I was digging deeper but I didn’t give up.  It was a good way to end a long, busy day.  I am just about ready to pass out for the night.

Tomorrow is another shopping day with my best friend.  I’m looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the day.  Also, it’s not going to rain for once!

Have a great weekend!  KIA KAHA…BE STRONG!

Les Mills Pump Day 53

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs & Flow

I swear my sleeping habits or should I say, insomnia, is getting worse.  I kept going back and forth in my mind if I wanted to try staying up and going to bed tonight to “reset” my schedule.  After reading up on a few articles on how to fix my sleep schedule, doing an all-nighter was not the best way to do  it.  I laid in bed trying to fall asleep and I saw an article on Twitter on doing some specific yoga moves to help go to sleep.  I tried them out and what do you know…it worked.  I woke up earlier than I expected.  However, I did some homework in my bed and managed to doze off a few times.  This change in weather has somehow affected my energy levels.  Speaking of weather, the rain needs to stop because it’s not helping.

There was no Fit Club tonight so I checked out a local grocery store that I’ve been hearing a lot about.  It’s the same store that is opening up in place of my old middle school.  It was similar to Whole Foods.  I also picked up some melatonin.  I have never taken it before nor have I ever taken anything to help me fall asleep.  I don’t like the idea of having to take something to help me fall asleep but at this point, I’ll try it.  Hopefully I’ll only have to take it once or twice to get back to a normal schedule.  I have to get up early tomorrow to finish the rest of my homework before a work meeting later on.  I might have some time to finish it afterwards and I would rather get it all done before to enjoy a Friday night.

I worked out to Hard Core Abs and Flow when I got home.  No running again today just because I was pushed for time.  I’m looking to run first thing tomorrow.  I modified only a little bit in Hard Core Abs when it came to the walking planks.  The only way I can get stronger is if I push as much as I can.  I went straight into Flow after that.  I love doing Flow because it has helped with my flexibility over the past few weeks.

Here’s to me falling asleep at a descent time!


Les Mills Pump Day 52

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Shred

Busy day!  I spent the first half getting things ready for my event tonight.  After that, it was off to the event!  I’d say the event went pretty well.  It was a good experience.  As soon as I got home, I fell asleep.  Just straight up put my things down and laid down.  All I wanted to do was rest for a few minutes but for some reason I was tired.  I woke up a couple hours later.  I did not get my workout in and it was too late to go to the gym to get my run in.  I was contemplating on using today as an off day and working out on Sunday because I was sleepy.  I said to myself to get up and do it.  I know I would regret it tomorrow.  I worked out to Pump and Shred.  This was the last time I was working out to the DVD until I finish Les Mills Pump.  I worked through it especially in the lunge track.  I kept the 5 pound plates on the barbell.

Right now I am debating on staying up for the rest of the night so I can “reset” my sleep habits and go to bed early tomorrow night.  Or if I should just go to bed now and get up early either way.  I know I need the proper rest but I don’t want to end up waking up late again.  Hmmm…what to do lol. I haven’t lost a pound this week, which is starting to get frustrating.  I need to work on my eating habits on top of my sleeping habits.  I’m eating healthy for the most part by making breakfast and having Shakeology for lunch.  Lately, I have been buying salads from restaurants around the area.  I think it’s time to start cooking more.  Let’s lose some weight this week!


Les Mills Pump Day 51

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs & Combat
Other: Walk/Run Interval – 30 minutes

It was another relaxing, yet busy day.  I spent the day doing schoolwork once again and some work stuff from home.  I finally ran my errands tonight but I didn’t make it out to the grocery store.  Before I left the house, I worked out to Hard Core Abs.  After I did my errands, I went to the gym to train for my 5K.  I’m just following the app on my phone and hopefully I’ll catch up to where I’m supposed to be before the race.  I went a a little faster during my run intervals.  I was going to leave it at that as far as working out.  I decided to workout to Combat as soon as I got home.  A part of me wanted to see how many calories I would burn during Combat.  I burned 464 calories in that 45 minute workout.  I was sweating a lot more tonight in both my running and Combat.  It could be that it was warmer outside today but I love that sweat!

Time to get some rest!  It’s another busy day tomorrow!  I have more schoolwork and I have to get ready for my event tomorrow night.  Oh and trying to fit in more errands and my workout on top of that.  Gotta love it : )

Les Mills Pump Day 50

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump Extreme
Other: Walk/Run Interval – 30 minutes

It has been a great Monday!  This was the type of start to the week I was looking for after having a not-so-good weekend.  I didn’t lose another pound…not yet.  But I did receive my new Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor (HRM).  I got it a lot earlier than they said it was scheduled to arrive.  Hey, I have no problem with that!  I also received something else but via email.  I got offered a position as a Nintendo Holiday Experience Brand Ambassador at a mall by my house!  Even though it’s only a month long, the compensation is very good and I am absolutely a gamer.  I have missed working in a retail setting too.  I will still be working for the other organization, which starts up next week.  Both tie in to my current schedule and I could use the extra cash for Christmas.  The good news does not stop there though.  I also signed on to be a part of a special event on Wednesday night.  I’m looking forward to that.

With the great mood I was in, I did some minor cleaning in my room.  I still have a lot more I would like to clean throughout the week.  Some of it includes separating the clothes I don’t wear anymore and clothes that are getting big on me.  It feels amazing just to say that.  Those will be donated.  I had made a list of the things I needed to accomplish for each day last night.   I was able to get through most of it.

I was excited to try out my new HRM.  I worked out to Pump Extreme earlier tonight.  As expected, Pump Extreme is similar to Pump Revolution with the length of each track.  The difference?  It is 59 minutes long and it is a tougher workout.  In my opinion, it is the toughest workout of the entire set.  I got through the warm-up, squat track, chest track, and legs and back track just fine.  The triceps and biceps track were a challenge again since this was my second time doing those in the program.  Lunges…LUNGES!!!  As if I was having a hard time getting through lunges, the track is harder than Pump Revolution.  I left the 5 pound plates on this time and pushed through them.  By the time the shoulders track came along, I was so tired.  I kept going and didn’t give up.  The abs track is a little easier than I thought it would.  And finally the cool down was great to get to.  I burned 545 calories in this workout.  I don’t know if I positioned it correctly because it was my first time using a HRM and all.  545 calories is good either way.

After resting for a couple hours, I went to the gym.  I finally put the free 1-year membership that I won from Planet Fitness to use.  I have less than three weeks to my 5K and I need to train everyday to make up for the time I took off from running.  The pain in my foot is still there but when I wear my new shoes, they don’t hurt at all.  It’s strange.  I continued with the training program app and did an interval of walking and running for 30 minutes.  It was a good training session and I burned 300 calories.

Tomorrow is filled with schoolwork, errands, and whatever else is on my list of things to do.  It’ll be a good day off from the weights.  Hard Core Abs and walking for 45 minutes is scheduled.  I’ll most likely substitute the walking for either Combat or Sports Attack.  And of course, I’ll be hitting the gym for more 5K training.

I hope you all had a great start to your week.  If you didn’t, tomorrow is a new day.  Just keep working hard towards your goals for this week or even if it’s long term.  Things always work out just as long as you keep working at it and stay positive.  KIA KAHA…BE STRONG!