Les Mills Pump Day 42

Les Mills Pump Workout: Off Day

Last night was the latest that I have stayed up in a long time.  Well, I have stayed up pretty late for the past week or so.  I was able to wake up early this morning though; just because my alarms kept going off and I received a phone call.  I only have to finish one thing tonight which is writing this entry.  After this, I’m calling it a night and I’m going to try to go to bed early.

I lost another pound today!  My total is now at 13 pounds lost since August 27th.  I tried out the Pumpkin Pie Shakeology recipe last night for dinner and made it again for breakfast this morning.  The recipe calls for Chocolate Vegan Shakeology, almond milk, and ice; which I was already doing, and to add 1/2 teaspoon of Pumpkin Pie Spice.  It’s not only healthy but it tastes exactly like Pumpkin Pie and it’s great to have during this time of year.  The fall and winter brings all of the tempting foods of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  I am sad to say that I enjoyed a bit of the fall treats today.  I know I am going to partake in the festivities and some of the foods that come along with it…everyone will.  There’s no excuse to over-indulge though.  It’s all about moderation and just having a “taste.”  This is the season where people gain one or two pounds until New Years.  This season, I don’t want to gain any weight.  I want to keep losing it and I will lose it.  If I stay on track at the pace I am currently at, I predict that I will lose another 24 pounds by the end of the year and making it a total of 37 pounds…at the very least.  That means that I will be half-way to my ideal weight.

No workouts or work today meant more rest for my foot.  It acted up here and there this afternoon.  I bought a self-adhesive wrap the other day and put it on tonight.  It felt much better once I put it on.  Hopefully I can start my 5K training again tomorrow.  Today marks the end of Week 6 of Les Mills Pump.  Week 2 brings in a new workout, which is Pump Revolution.  It will also begin phasing out Pump and Shred.  I’m looking forward to workout to Pump Revolution since it is one of the two longer and tougher workouts of the series.  Bring on Monday and time to work even harder this week!


Les Mills Pump Day 41

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Shred

I woke up early this morning to attend the final youth football game of my best friend’s son.  Afterwards, we spent the rest of the day shopping.  I wanted to talk to someone who worked at an athletic shoe store instead of doing research online.  I figured it would be a faster way to figure out what type of shoes I needed.   I wanted a light weight shoe that was similar to my Vibram FiveFinger KSO’s but with more support.  When I did research, I saw that Nike has shoes with a barefoot feel.  The first store who had the barefoot Nike’s that I saw was at Lady Foot Locker.  I wasn’t sure what the difference was between a running shoe and a cross-trainer and which one is the right one for me.  They said I would be looking for a cross-trainer and I tried on the Nike Free TR Fit 2 (5.0).  They felt so light and it seemed like they were the shoes I was looking for.  I still wanted to shop around so they held it for me.  After looking around, I came back later on and bought them.

I wasn’t planning on buying new shoes so soon but I felt like I had to.  My foot started hurting even more from walking around the mall.  I tried to keep as much pressure off of it by landing on my heel and sitting down whenever I had a chance.  When I think back on when it started hurting, I think it’s when I went running while wearing my KSO’s.  I’m hoping these new shoes will help prevent anymore injury.  I have an off day tomorrow so I am going to resume my 5K training on Monday.  But it my foot is still hurting on Monday, I’ll see a doctor.

I went home once we finished shopping so I can finish more homework…on a Saturday night.  I knew I shouldn’t have been laying around for the first part of my day yesterday.  I worked out to Pump and Shred as soon as I finished my homework.  I couldn’t wait to try out my new shoes.  I walked around the house with them a little more and they are super comfortable.  I felt so “free” and I dug deeper in my squats.  I even put the five pound plates back on during my lunges.  They were difficult of course but I’m glad I worked through them.  These shoes are amazing.  They are so flexible and lightweight.  I like how I have a little more cushion with them and they breathe better than my KSO’s.  I didn’t feel the pain as much throughout my workout.  Actually, I barely felt it.  As much as I love my KSO’s, I love these even more.  They are now the best workouts shoes that I have ever owned.

Like I said, I have an off day from working out tomorrow.  I’m looking very forward to going to a pumpkin patch, watching football, and enjoying a day without homework or work.  Hope you all enjoy your day tomorrow too!


Les Mills Pump Day 40

Les Mills Pump Workout: Combat

Another pound down this week!  I have lost 12 pounds since beginning Les Mills Pump on August 27th!  It’s always a great feeling to lose a pound and it helps keep me going since I have a ways to go.  Gotta love it when weight loss is done the right way-by eating healthy and exercising.  You don’t crave bad foods when you eat healthy foods.  Well last night was an exception because I don’t know why I wanted to eat unhealthy.  It happens here and there.

Do you know that feeling when you are so comfortable and warm in your bed and you don’t want to move especially since it’s cold outside?  Yup, I felt that way during the first part of my day.  It is nice to know that you don’t have to go anywhere and you can just relax.  I finally got out of bed to finish my homework that was due tonight.  As soon as I finished it, I took a break by working out to Combat.  Because it’s cold outside, my room is cold too.  Working out to Combat was the perfect way to warm up.  Not only did I warm up, but I was covered in sweat at the end.  My form is almost there and I am able to anticipate the next round of moves.  My foot is feeling much better today but I took one more day off to rest it.  I’m looking to resume my 5K training early tomorrow morning.

Have a great weekend and KIA KAHA…BE STRONG!


Les Mills Pump Day 39

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs & Flow

Oh boy, I could not go to bed last night. I was laying in bed and went to bed much later than I wanted to.  I spent the first part of my day doing homework and relaxing.  I worked out to Hard Core Abs and Flow earlier this afternoon as well.  It’s nice to get a workout done during the day.  Now that I have more free time in the next few weeks, I’ll work on getting my workouts done as early as I can.  I love the fact that no matter how many times I do abs, I can still feel a huge burn.  All of the ab workouts in Les Mills Pump has made my stomach area the smallest that it has been.  Flow is getting easier to do and I’m starting to enjoy the stretching more.  I’m always trying to take it a little further in my stretching each time I do Flow.  I was being careful with my right foot during my workouts.  I can feel the dull pain in my foot and I decided to take an extra day off from running even though I’ve only trained once so far.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to go for a run tomorrow.

After my workouts, I got ready and went to my best friend’s house for a super healthy and delicious dinner and to watch my favorite show…Glee. Yup, I’m a huge Gleek lol.  It was the most emotional and might be the best episode yet. I say it every time I watch “the best episode” but this one really was.  I’m still emotional up to now and it’s just a show haha.  Anyways, after that I headed downtown to see the midnight showing of Taken 2 (well at 10pm) and as usual my commute wasn’t easy.  I arrived late but I didn’t miss too much at least.  I was super hungry once I got out of the movie.  I felt like eating something unhealthy for some reason.  I did not give in and I ate a banana that I had in my purse.  Always gotta have some snacks on you at all times just in case.  Eating the banana and drinking water helped me get over being hungry.

I have dedicated my entire Friday to finishing my homework.  Let’s hope I don’t go crazy by the end of the night.  I’ll take a much needed break with my workout to Les Mills Pump : )


Les Mills Pump Day 38

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Shred

I need to hire someone to wake me up in the morning…FOR REAL!  I set my alarm to wake up early to run and get my workout done before work.  I pressed snooze at least 20 times. No joke! I just need to keep trying with my sleeping habits.  I’m not giving up on it.  I finally woke up and headed to my final day at work for the season.  The rain stopped by the time I work, I was in a great mood, and I had a better sales day.  A few co-workers and I hung out for a bit afterwards.  I celebrated the wrong way by eating bad for dinner.  I had a sick feeling afterwards and I’m actually feeling it up until now.  When you eat bad after eating healthy for a while, your body doesn’t respond well.  I’m not giving in like that again.  Either way it was a good time and I couldn’t have imagined a better ending to a long work season.  I’ll have a lot of free time for the next few weeks until my next job starts up.  I’ll be using that time to work on school, my business, and more personal development especially my health and fitness.

I was taking my time in doing my workout as soon as I got home.  There has been a lingering dull pain around the area under on the top of my right foot.  Of course, me being paranoid when it comes to health problems, I did a search on it.  I might have a small stress fracture.  The top of my foot by the pain looks a little swollen and I can feel it when I flex my foot.  I think it started on Monday while I was doing my lunges and running the other day might’ve played a role in it too.  It could all be from the shoes I use which are Vibram FiveFinger KSO’s…aka barefoot shoes.  Maybe not because they’re used for running.  Either way, I’m getting new shoes since they are over a year old.

I worked out to Pump and Shred tonight.  I don’t know if an Ace knitted ankle brace would help but I wore it just in case.  I stuck with the 5 pound plates during the warm up, squat track, and chest track.  I also stuck with the 10 pound plates during the legs and back track.  When it came to the legs track, I worked with the barbell instead of the 5 pound plates.  I wanted to make sure I was not going to injure myself any further if it happened while I was doing lunges on Monday.  The entire workout went smoothly.

Depending on how my foot feels tomorrow morning, I’ll try to do more of my 5K training.  For the rest of the night, I’ll be taking care with it.


Les Mills Pump Day 37

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs
Other: Walk/Run – 25 minutes

I started off my Tuesday with a run…well sort of.  I began my training for the Hot Chocolate 5K here in Chicago next month.  I downloaded an app with the best reviews to help me train for it.  It’s called 5K runner and it’s designed to help you go from zero to 5K in 8 weeks.  It has you run for 35 minutes at the most, 3 times a week.  Since the 5K is in less an 8 weeks, I will catch up by running a couple more times this week and next week until I catch up on the week that I’m supposed to be on.  It’s probably not recommended but I think my cardio is pretty good by now.  It has you alternate walks and runs as it starts easy and slowly increases the runs.  I did it for a total of 25 minutes.  So far it’s a great app because I can play my music in the background and it will fade out when the audio coach tells you to walk or run.  I still need to download a GPS to track my runs.  I did well for my first time out and I went around my neighborhood.  Time went by a lot faster than I had expected which is always a good thing since I am not a runner at all.  Who knows…maybe by the time I get finished with my training, I will be.

Once I finished, I got ready and went to work.  I was stationary again tonight so I’m glad I got some running and walking in earlier.  Work went by fast too.  I worked out to Hard Core Abs when I got home.  I’m still feeling the burns when it comes to the cross crawls.  At least I know it’s working because my midsection has gotten smaller.  I had to continue modifying in plank.  Another 10 pounds and I won’t have to.  Surprisingly the side planks are getting much easier to do.  Of course when I got into full stack, I wobbled a bit.  It was a great workout to end my night.

Another late night but yet, it’s earlier than I have been going to bed lately.  My sleeping habits is one thing I have been working on.  I want to be able to wake up early to workout and run first thing in the morning.  I’m looking to do that tomorrow before work.  Time to get to bed and set a hundred alarms haha.


Les Mills Pump Day 36

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Shred

Phase 2 of Les Mills Pump begins today!!!  I weighed myself this morning and I am down another pound!  That’s 11 pounds since beginning Les Mills Pump on August 27th.  I’m almost to my lowest weight in years again.  I know I can reach it by the end of this week.  Or I might even pass it which would be even better.

I went back to work after having five days off.  It went by quick and smoothly.  I didn’t do any walking because I had to stay at our kiosk and I’ll be there again tomorrow.  I worked out to Pump and Shred as soon as I got home.  I used the 10 pound plates during the Legs and Back track and I’ll stick with it from now on.  I do not enjoy push ups at all and I still have to stay on my knees because I’m not strong enough to do them yet.  And let alone doing them in intervals where The Rep Effect comes into play.  Of course, my least favorite track was the Legs track.  I dread doing lunges but they do shape the legs in one of the best ways.  As usual I was a sweating like a pig by the en.  Gotta love the sweat because it means you worked hard.

I pre-ordered Les Mills Combat today!  I’m super excited to get it when it arrives on December 24th!  It will be a Christmas present to myself.  I expect to finish Les Mills Pump by November 25th so I will do the 30-Day Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Hybrid Calendar after that.  It’ll be perfect timing because I decided to do Les Mills Combat once I receive it.  I don’t care if there’s Thanksgiving, my Birthday in December, Christmas, and New Years…I won’t overindulge and gain that Holiday weight.  I have worked too hard to gain it all back again.  If you would like to join me with Les Mills Combat, shoot me an email!  I am creating a separate post and page on info on how you can pre-order your own copy as well.

Time to get to bed and stop waking up late.  I need to learn how to get to bed earlier again.  I am going to start training for the Hot Chocolate 5K first thing tomorrow after I wake up.  It’s time to learn how to love running.


Les Mills Pump Day 35

Les Mills Pump Workout: Off Day

Hello hello!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I am glad today was an off day from both working out and work.  It was a nice change.  I pretty much spent my day watching football and hanging out at my best friend’s house.  Today officially ends Phase 1 of Les Mills Pump for me and I begin Phase 2 tomorrow.  I can’t wait to incorporate Pump Revolution and Extreme next month!  This month sure went by fast.  Before I know it, I’ll be done with Les Mills Pump and onto Les Mills Combat…which I am pre-ordering tomorrow by the way.  I have decided that Les Mills Combat is my next program.  If there is anyone that would like to join me as I continue my weight loss journey in December, shoot me an email for more details.

Even though I’m starting Phase 2 tomorrow, I’m actually starting different phase in my life as well.  I am going to be on a break from working until the end of October since my jobs are seasonal.  I plan on finding another job for the Holidays too.  In the meantime I’m going to continue on improving myself when it comes to my health (of course), school, my business, and just overall personal development.  Different parts in my journey of being the best version of myself keeps growing.  It’s a scary feeling but I’m ready to challenge myself even more. It’s my time : )


Les Mills Pump Day 34

Les Mills Workout: Combat & Hard Core Abs

Ahhh…staying up late was not a good idea.  I could not get up and I wasn’t able to to my workout in first thing in the morning.  I got ready and went to the Team Beachbody Chicago Super Saturday event.  The special guests were CEO and founder of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, and Regional Director, Arnauld Nakaha.  It was amazing to be a part of an event with 400 other Beachbody Coaches who have committed to get people healthy and fit and to end the trend of obesity.  I am helping to end the trend by starting with myself and I want to be able to help others do the same.  It’s always great to listen to Carl and Arnauld speak.  There were exciting announcements and new workout programs coming soon out from Beachbody.  So for my readers that are not with Beachbody and are interested in learning more, keep checking back on my site or contact me for more details!

Speaking of new programs, pre-orders start for Les Mills Combat this Monday, October 1st!  I definitely plan on ordering it and I’ll post a separate entry tomorrow with details on how you can pre-order before everyone else can.  In honor of the pre-release, I went ahead and did Combat in addition to Hard Core Abs in my workout tonight.  It’s 45 minutes long with tons of moves so I have improved in getting the moves down.  I love how much energy the trainers have throughout the workout and it helps keep me going because I was getting super tired.  They are the same trainers who take the lead in Les Mills Combat.  I was covered in sweat at the end of Combat.  I went straight into Hard Core Abs.  I swear the burn gets more intense as I do abs which is always a great sign.

I am looking very forward to a day off from working out AND work!  It’s been a couple weeks since I have been off from both.  Tomorrow also marks the end of Phase 1 of Les Mills Pump so I will be taking my measurements and pictures of my progress.


Les Mills Pump Day 33

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Shred

TGIF!  I spent most of my day and night doing things from home including homework.  I am still trying to get in the habit of doing schoolwork since I was out of school for a while.  I especially need to work on completing the bulk of my homework ahead of time.  I finished my homework late and afterwards, my brain was worn out and I was ready for bed.  There was one more thing I needed to do before bed though.  I needed to get my workout done.

My mind was telling me to just go to bed.  I am a bit sore from working out to Insanity last night…most particularly in my upper back.  There was no way I would skip a scheduled workout.  I would regret not getting my workout in.  I worked out to Pump and Shred for the second time.  I powered through the warm up and even the Squat Track.  Squats and Bottom Halves are getting easier as I do them.  I have no problem at all with performing moves in the Chest Track either.  Executing moves with my arms are definitely easier than my legs.  I love doing the Clean and Press along with Deadlifts and Dead Rows in the Legs and Back Track.  The Clean and Press has become one of my favorite moves.  I decided to challenge myself by going back to the 10 pound plates on the barbell.  I have gotten stronger since the last time I tried the 10 pound plates.  It was still a challenge but I had fun with it.

Following that track was the Legs Track aka crazy lunges.  I mentioned earlier this week that I would do the lunges with the barbell only.  I had difficulty the last time and took a few breaks.  I am proud to say that I kept the 5 pound plates on and kept up the whole time.  There were a few times that I wanted to shake my legs out.  I was shaking and of course it was getting harder on my legs but I kept going.  The only way I can get stronger is if I keep going and work through the burn.  In the Shoulders Track, I modified the pushups and even that was hard with the different counts.  It’ll get easier to do pushups as I lose more weight.  I was dripping in sweat at the end of that track.  Trying to get my shoulder across to my knee in the Abs Track is a killer each time and it’s always a great feeling after I do abs.

I am definitely going to sleep well tonight and tomorrow I’ll be heading to the Team Beachbody Chicago Super Saturday event where Carl Daikeler, CEO/Founder of Beachbody, will be the special guest.  It will be a good day tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend and as always, KIA KAHA…BE STRONG!

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