Insanity Day 17

Insanity Workout: Off Day Fast and Furious

Today was supposed to be a scheduled off day for our Insanity Challenge group but I decided to “push play”.  I felt like I needed to do a workout especially since I was sick for 4 days last week.  I was also bored so I decided to try out Fast and Furious.  It’s not a part of the DVD set so it’s not on the schedule for our group.  This workout packs a 45-minute Insanity workout into 20 minutes.  There were moves in there that I haven’t even done yet!   It’s a crazy workout that literally moves along so fast and after that I was sweating like I did Pure Cardio.

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since I began the Insanity Challenge.  I’m hoping I lost at least a couple more pounds when I weigh myself in the morning since I didn’t lose any this past week.  I have been talking a lot on my improvements the in my previous entries.  Even if the scale doesn’t say so, I feel that I have improved so much.   My energy level is so much higher.  Each day I’m slowly wanting to accomplish more things whether it’s cleaning my room, doing a workout, etc.  Today it happened to be cleaning out my whole car on the outside and inside.  Let’s see what tomorrow will bring as I’m look forward to an awesome Week 4!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Insanity Day 16

Insanity Workout: Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Cardio Abs

Today has been one long, busy day.  I wanted to get my workouts in before work but I did not have enough time.  I knew I had to get it done after a work outing otherwise I would be upset with myself if I didn’t get it done.  I can’t push it to tomorrow and make today a rest day either.  I was determined to complete my workouts no matter how late it was.  I started Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Cardio Abs before midnight and finished a little bit after midnight.  Like I said in my previous post that I was going to push myself harder today and I did just that.  I actually found myself smiling at times during my workout.  I think that was due to loving the sweat and loving how hard I was working.  I found out when I smiled, I had a little more fun and it helped me stay positive.  So the next time you are working out, give it a try and just smile : )

Insanity Day 15

Insanity Workout: Cardio Power and Resistance

Another day, another great workout completed!  I love the feeling after I finish an Insanity workout and all of the sweat that comes along with it.  Call me crazy but I think it’s awesome when I’m drenched in sweat.  It means I worked my ass off : )  I feel like I have accomplished so much each day when the workouts are less than an hour long.  I am definitely improving every day.  When I first started I modified a lot of moves.  I’m still modifying some moves but I’m slowly doing the moves on their own especially the jumps and anything that has to do with using your upper body.  As many times as I would like to take breaks, slow it down, or just stop, I push myself harder because in the end it’s benefiting me.  I’m going to push harder tomorrow and each day after that so I can be totally ready for Month 2!

Insanity Day 14

Insanity Workout: Cardio Recovery and Cardio Abs

Thinking back when I first started blogging again, there is always some sort of bump in the road I across with myself each day.  Last week it was being sick, yesterday it was no energy, and today my allergies are acting up.  Yes, they are in a way excuses but I am still able to push myself through them to get whatever I needed to get done on that day.  I guess I just wish I was 100% already and I was thinking to myself oh no, I’m getting sick again.  No, they’re are definitely allergies since my eyes are watery and I keep sneezing along with a stuffy nose.  I’m glad having a stuffy nose is not affecting my ears from getting clogged up again.  And by the way, they’re almost unclogged.

Allergies aside, today was Cardio Recovery and Cardio Abs.  I decided to switch them up and start with Cardio Abs.  My energy level today was so much better and I digged a little deeper.  It feels amazing to not take as many breaks and work up a great sweat even though it was a slower day.  My flexibility has definitely improved.

I haven’t lost any weight in the past few days.  I’m hoping this isn’t some sort of plateau already.  I’ve been working hard through my workouts so I’m thinking it could be from my diet.  I’ll have to change it up a bit  even though I’m eating healthy.  Either way, I know I’ll work through it : )

Insanity Day 13

Insanity Workout: Pure Cardio

I have a love and hate relationship with Shaun T and Insanity lol.  Working out today seemed a lot harder than any other day.  I had less energy today than yesterday and I felt like I wanted to stop in the middle of Pure Cardio.  I felt so drained and it felt like I had nothing left.  But the good news is that I didn’t stop and I powered through the workout as best as I can.  No matter how tired I was, I took those breaks when I needed it and kept on going.  Days like today are going to make me stronger later on.  I just can’t imagine how next month’s workouts are going to be.  Good thing these workouts are preparing me for them now.

Today was the first day of Lent.  All day yesterday I was trying to decide what I wanted to give up.  I decided I’m giving up excuses for Lent.  Even though I have been saying no excuses when it comes to my health and fitness, I’m saying no excuses when it comes to everything in my life.  And I plan on giving up excuses even after Lent.  Life is too short to let excuses get in the way of the things that you want the most.

Kanye West – “Stronger”

It’s Tuesday and I believe this song fits in perfectly with how I’m feeling…”Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.

Kanye West – “Stronger”

Insanity Day 12

Insanity Workout: Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Cardio Abs

For some reason I felt very exhausted and I did not have any energy today.  I woke up later than I wanted to and I even took a nap early this afternoon.  It was just strange.  Maybe I was catching up from being busy the past few days…I’m not sure.  All I know is I was not about to let that be an excuse to not get my workouts in for the day.  I ended up getting my workout done earlier tonight.

During my workouts, I noticed that I’m able to keep up with with Shaun T and the people in the video.  Well I mean I don’t take as many breaks, I’m getting faster, and I’m getting stronger.  My footwork is improving along with my endurance.  It is a great feeling to know I’m getting closer and closer each day.  I know it’s only Day 12, but I feel like I have accomplished a lot so far and I’m more motivated to go harder and faster.

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