Les Mills Pump Day 59

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump Extreme
Other: Walk/Run Interval – 21 minutes

Did I go to bed for a little bit last night? Nope!  Well, almost.  I was ready to go to bed and I had an idea to make one last gift for my best friend on her Birthday.  As soon as I finished that, I left to run to a couple of stores before I went to her house.  It ended up taking an hour and a half of running around but I made it to her house just in time before she went to work.  I picked up a cup of Starbucks for her (and a Venti for myself because I needed it), bagels and donuts, and a piece of cake with pink candles.  I lit the candles, rang the doorbell, and SURPRISE!  I went straight home when she left for work.  I’m glad the sun came out for my ride home.  The coffee and the Speed Racer drivers kept me very alert.  Why can’t people drive like that during rush hour traffic…don’t they want to get home fast too?  I was afraid the coffee and sun would keep me up.  I covered my eyes and fell asleep for a few hours.  As soon as I woke up, I finally caught up with all of my posts.  I’m sorry for the slow updates over the past few days.  I haven’t been at my computer that much.

The weather was super nice today. It was the nicest day we’ve had since summer ended.  I took advantage of this weather by going out for a run.  Actually, I did 21 minutes of walking and running intervals.  I had to cut it a few minutes short because I had to get ready for dinner.  Running around the neighborhood is definitely tougher than a treadmill.  I felt more out of breath.  I need to keep running outside until my 5K in a week and a half; in nice weather or cold weather.

I went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with a couple friends that I met in middle school.  The restaurant we went to is where you can make your own stir fry.  I love going to these type of places because you can choose your own ingredients.  And I learned how to pack all of the ingredients well enough so I’m able to eat enough at the restaurant and take the rest home for lunch the next day.  It was a good balance of protein, veggies, and carbs to get me through Pump Extreme tonight.  After dinner, we walked around a bit to talk more and went to Starbucks again haha.  This time I had an iced tea.  It was a nice time catching up.

I worked out to Pump Extreme when I got home.  I always push myself a little more in each workout.  As I progressed through the workout, the tougher it got.  A few times I had beads of sweat coming down my face and into my eyes.  It was like I was crying.  I had few wipes here and there but I didn’t stop.  I’ll have to buy a headband since it’s harder to wipe your face with a barbell in your hands of course.  The lunge track was killer as usual.  The lunge track in Pump Extreme is the hardest track in the entire series in my opinion.  The sweat in my eyes affected my contacts during the abs track.  After the abs track, I had to take the left contact out.  482 calories were burned from Pump Extreme.

I love the track they chose for the cool down at the end of Pump Extreme.  It’s a cover of “Let Me Be Myself” by 3 Doors Down in the workout.  I always find myself listening to the song over and over again after I workout to it.  Lead singer, Brad Arnold, stated that the song “is about just be yourself, without thinking in what the people say.”  I totally agree.  The song is a powerful reminder to not let anyone hold you back and make yourself happy first.  And that’s what I am doing.  It inspires me to keep going so I can be the best version of myself.  This song is true “Kia Kaha song”…a be strong song.

I have decided that I am going to switch up my off day from Sunday to Saturday for this week only.  I have to pack light and I will be leaving my laptop at home for once.  I always bring it with me on trips.  I am leaving Friday night for a 12 hour road trip to Virginia so I’ll be able to get my workout done that day.  Sunday is a scheduled walk for 60 minutes.  When I get home, I figure that I’ll either workout to Combat or head to the gym for more 5K training as soon as it opens up at midnight.  I have lots to accomplish before I leave but I can’t wait for a mini-vacay!