Les Mills Pump Day 58

Les Mills Workout: None
Other: 30 minutes Zumba Fitness (PS3) & 50 minutes Fit In Six (PS3)

Rainy weather just makes me want to lay around. And I did just that.  I watched a movie at home and went to my friend’s house for a Singstar/Zumba night on PS3.  I showed up in workout clothes too.  We did a little Singstar when I arrived and switched to Zumba Fitness.  I think I only tried it out once or twice.  I am not a dancer in any way haha.  We Zumba’d for 30 minutes and I was sweating at the end.  I had my heart rate monitor on.  I burned 180 calories.  I was planning on working out to Combat when I got back home but she had another fitness game called Fit In Six.  I thought, why not get my workout done now.  In Fit In Six, I worked out to Kickboxing (Burning Fist), Boot Camp (Superset Workout Pro), and Pilates (Core Centering).  It was about 50 minutes long for the three workouts combined.  Including Zumba, I burned 471 calories working out at my friends.  It’s equivalent to the calories I would have burned with Combat.  It was a great impromptu workout session.

I sort of re-injured my foot again when I was doing Zumba.  I was wearing my workout shoes.  I took them off and they felt okay but I could still feel it in my foot.  It was late by the time I left her house.  I decided to go home instead of going to the gym to run especially since my foot was hurting again.  I’ll run outside tomorrow because it’s supposed to be in the high 70’s and sunny.  The decision to go home after was also so I can go to bed early.  It’s my best friend’s Birthday tomorrow and I want to surprise her at her house with a few things before she leaves for work.  I know she won’t see this until she wakes up, which is when I plan on being there, so it’s okay for me to say it now. : )