Les Mills Pump Day 57

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump Revolution
Other: Walk/Run Interval – 28 minutes

Hello Week 9 of Les Mills Pump!  And my last week of Phase 2!  Time to work harder! The only problem was that I woke up early and fell back asleep for a few hours.  I woke up much later.  My sleeping habit is my biggest problem right now.  I went to a restaurant to meet up with a couple friends to watch the Chicago Bears game for Monday Night Football.  Like I said yesterday, I was hoping for the Bears defense to do a miracle for me in order for me to win this week in Fantasy Football.  I didn’t win but it’s okay because the Bears won.  What was not okay was that I didn’t eat healthy during dinner.  Lately, I have been craving bad foods.  I have been getting those cravings out of my system instead of holding back.  If I do, I’ll binge later on when the cravings get worse.  I’ll have to teach myself to enjoy those cravings here and there and space it out.

I went straight to the gym after the game to train for my 5K.  I did more running this time since I was following my 5K training app.  Half-way through, I wanted to quit and I almost did.  I was maybe feeling the effects from the foods that I ate at dinner.  I kept telling myself, don’t quit and I didn’t.  I kept up with the pace too.  I went home to finish my workout with Pump Revolution.  I thought I was supposed to do Pump Extreme but I was looking at the wrong week…Week 8.  I can’t believe it’s already Week 9.  It was a tough workout to get through and again, I didn’t give up.  I only modified during the hover in the abs track.  It was a small modification.  Other than that, it was an awesome workout and I ended with a huge sweat.  I burned 489 calories from it.

I’m going to drink Shakeology for as many meals as I can this week in order to cleanse my system of the bad foods that I ate.  I would love to do the three-day cleanse but it would have to be when I am not working out as hard.  I’m going out of town this weekend to Virginia.  I’ll have to look at the Les Mills Pump schedule for the weekend.  I might need to modify so I don’t have to bring any weights.