Les Mills Pump Day 49

Les Mills Workout: Off Day

Sunday Funday? Ha! More like Lazy Sunday for me!  I don’t like to just lay around these days.  I like to stay more active and be busy.  Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of that.  I laid around and watched TV ALL DAY.  I’m very much enjoying these days off from working especially when it’s mixed with an off day from working out.  Today was exactly what I needed to relax and think about the week ahead.  I felt so much better today regardless of the laziness that came with it.  I’d like to think the weather had something to do with my mood over the past few days because it’s been rainy, chilly, and windy.  I was hoping to be able to run today.  With the lovely tornado warnings around the area, going outside did not seem like a good idea lol.  The sun is finally going to come out tomorrow so I’m happy about that.

Tomorrow begins Week 8 of Les Mills Pump.  The second workout of the two longest and toughest DVD’s is scheduled too…Pump Extreme.  I bet I’ll be sore once again on Tuesday.  The last time I’ll be working to Pump and Shred during this round is on Wednesday.  After that, it’s all Pump Revolution, Pump Extreme, Flow, Hard Core Abs, and walking from here.  Of course I’ll most likely substitute my walking for either Combat, Sports Attack, or maybe even Step if I ever get a stepper.  Or just go for a run.  There are only three weeks left before the Hot Chocolate 5K so I’m looking to train almost everyday.  There is minor pain when I move foot around sometimes but it feels like it’s almost healed.  I’m going to finally use the free 1-year membership I won from Planet Fitness back in February.  The weather should not be an excuse to not get a run in.

I only lost two pounds last week.  It’s okay since it’s my goal to lose at least two pounds a week.  I want to turn it up a bit more.  It’s time to push harder, work harder, and really get back on track.