Les Mills Pump Day 43

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs & Pump and Burn

Happy Monday!  I managed to go to bed a little earlier last night.  I’ll slowly keep working backwards each night until it gets too early to go to bed haha.  I went to the Chicago Bulls 6th Man Jam at the United Center earlier today.  The event sort of kicks off basketball season with autographs and opportunities to take a picture on the court and take a shot.  Now, I never imagined that I would be one of those people who run like hell to stand in line as soon as they enter the gate.  I was always thinking why?  Well, I did just that lol.  There was only an hour for autographs and each line had a max of 500 tickets to stand in line or until the hour is up.  We ran up steps and to the line that would most likely fill up first.  I was wearing gym shoes and had wrapped my foot.  I definitely brought some pain back by running and I think I wrapped my foot too tight. Or maybe I was wearing the wrong shoes.  I know I said I would go to the doctor to see what was going on if I was still hurting today.  I’ll wait until Wednesday and try to take care of it as much as I can.  I do want to try running tomorrow with the new shoes I bought. I’ll take it slow and stop if it hurts more.

Today starts off Week 7 of Les Mills Pump.  I worked out to Hard Core Abs and Pump and Burn.  Surprisingly, my foot didn’t really hurt during both workouts.  Hard Core Abs always has that awesome burn in your core.  I tried to not modify through the walking planks.  I was able to take it a little further until I had to come back down to my knees.  This was the last time that I would be working out to Pump and Burn of this round.  I made sure I made it count.  I have been conscious of my form during my squats and the legs and back track.  I have also been so conscious of where my feet are in general.  I recorded myself during those tracks.  I noticed that I keep moving my feet around to make sure they are in the right place and angle.  I need to stop doing that and stop being so conscious in general.  However, my squats look just fine.  My form during deadlifts, deadrow, and clean and press look correct too.

Tomorrow involves some work from home and getting my workouts done before the end of season staff party in the early evening.  Pump Revolution gets incorporated into the schedule as well.  Let’s see how it goes!