Les Mills Pump Day 41

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Shred

I woke up early this morning to attend the final youth football game of my best friend’s son.  Afterwards, we spent the rest of the day shopping.  I wanted to talk to someone who worked at an athletic shoe store instead of doing research online.  I figured it would be a faster way to figure out what type of shoes I needed.   I wanted a light weight shoe that was similar to my Vibram FiveFinger KSO’s but with more support.  When I did research, I saw that Nike has shoes with a barefoot feel.  The first store who had the barefoot Nike’s that I saw was at Lady Foot Locker.  I wasn’t sure what the difference was between a running shoe and a cross-trainer and which one is the right one for me.  They said I would be looking for a cross-trainer and I tried on the Nike Free TR Fit 2 (5.0).  They felt so light and it seemed like they were the shoes I was looking for.  I still wanted to shop around so they held it for me.  After looking around, I came back later on and bought them.

I wasn’t planning on buying new shoes so soon but I felt like I had to.  My foot started hurting even more from walking around the mall.  I tried to keep as much pressure off of it by landing on my heel and sitting down whenever I had a chance.  When I think back on when it started hurting, I think it’s when I went running while wearing my KSO’s.  I’m hoping these new shoes will help prevent anymore injury.  I have an off day tomorrow so I am going to resume my 5K training on Monday.  But it my foot is still hurting on Monday, I’ll see a doctor.

I went home once we finished shopping so I can finish more homework…on a Saturday night.  I knew I shouldn’t have been laying around for the first part of my day yesterday.  I worked out to Pump and Shred as soon as I finished my homework.  I couldn’t wait to try out my new shoes.  I walked around the house with them a little more and they are super comfortable.  I felt so “free” and I dug deeper in my squats.  I even put the five pound plates back on during my lunges.  They were difficult of course but I’m glad I worked through them.  These shoes are amazing.  They are so flexible and lightweight.  I like how I have a little more cushion with them and they breathe better than my KSO’s.  I didn’t feel the pain as much throughout my workout.  Actually, I barely felt it.  As much as I love my KSO’s, I love these even more.  They are now the best workouts shoes that I have ever owned.

Like I said, I have an off day from working out tomorrow.  I’m looking very forward to going to a pumpkin patch, watching football, and enjoying a day without homework or work.  Hope you all enjoy your day tomorrow too!