Les Mills Pump Day 39

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs & Flow

Oh boy, I could not go to bed last night. I was laying in bed and went to bed much later than I wanted to.  I spent the first part of my day doing homework and relaxing.  I worked out to Hard Core Abs and Flow earlier this afternoon as well.  It’s nice to get a workout done during the day.  Now that I have more free time in the next few weeks, I’ll work on getting my workouts done as early as I can.  I love the fact that no matter how many times I do abs, I can still feel a huge burn.  All of the ab workouts in Les Mills Pump has made my stomach area the smallest that it has been.  Flow is getting easier to do and I’m starting to enjoy the stretching more.  I’m always trying to take it a little further in my stretching each time I do Flow.  I was being careful with my right foot during my workouts.  I can feel the dull pain in my foot and I decided to take an extra day off from running even though I’ve only trained once so far.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to go for a run tomorrow.

After my workouts, I got ready and went to my best friend’s house for a super healthy and delicious dinner and to watch my favorite show…Glee. Yup, I’m a huge Gleek lol.  It was the most emotional and might be the best episode yet. I say it every time I watch “the best episode” but this one really was.  I’m still emotional up to now and it’s just a show haha.  Anyways, after that I headed downtown to see the midnight showing of Taken 2 (well at 10pm) and as usual my commute wasn’t easy.  I arrived late but I didn’t miss too much at least.  I was super hungry once I got out of the movie.  I felt like eating something unhealthy for some reason.  I did not give in and I ate a banana that I had in my purse.  Always gotta have some snacks on you at all times just in case.  Eating the banana and drinking water helped me get over being hungry.

I have dedicated my entire Friday to finishing my homework.  Let’s hope I don’t go crazy by the end of the night.  I’ll take a much needed break with my workout to Les Mills Pump : )