Les Mills Pump Day 37

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs
Other: Walk/Run – 25 minutes

I started off my Tuesday with a run…well sort of.  I began my training for the Hot Chocolate 5K here in Chicago next month.  I downloaded an app with the best reviews to help me train for it.  It’s called 5K runner and it’s designed to help you go from zero to 5K in 8 weeks.  It has you run for 35 minutes at the most, 3 times a week.  Since the 5K is in less an 8 weeks, I will catch up by running a couple more times this week and next week until I catch up on the week that I’m supposed to be on.  It’s probably not recommended but I think my cardio is pretty good by now.  It has you alternate walks and runs as it starts easy and slowly increases the runs.  I did it for a total of 25 minutes.  So far it’s a great app because I can play my music in the background and it will fade out when the audio coach tells you to walk or run.  I still need to download a GPS to track my runs.  I did well for my first time out and I went around my neighborhood.  Time went by a lot faster than I had expected which is always a good thing since I am not a runner at all.  Who knows…maybe by the time I get finished with my training, I will be.

Once I finished, I got ready and went to work.  I was stationary again tonight so I’m glad I got some running and walking in earlier.  Work went by fast too.  I worked out to Hard Core Abs when I got home.  I’m still feeling the burns when it comes to the cross crawls.  At least I know it’s working because my midsection has gotten smaller.  I had to continue modifying in plank.  Another 10 pounds and I won’t have to.  Surprisingly the side planks are getting much easier to do.  Of course when I got into full stack, I wobbled a bit.  It was a great workout to end my night.

Another late night but yet, it’s earlier than I have been going to bed lately.  My sleeping habits is one thing I have been working on.  I want to be able to wake up early to workout and run first thing in the morning.  I’m looking to do that tomorrow before work.  Time to get to bed and set a hundred alarms haha.