Les Mills Pump Day 31

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Burn & Les Mills Core

Heck yeah for finally having an off day from work!  I wanted to sleep in just a little bit this morning and I woke up early.  How does that happen?  I’ll be honest, during the first part of my day I did a whole lot of nothing…laying around and watching movies.  It’s been a while since I actually did that.  I decided in the late afternoon to get started on some schoolwork and Beachbody stuff.  I also went ahead and counted the number of workouts that I have completed since I started Les Mills Pump.  I have completed a total of 36 workouts including the workouts from tonight.  I am going to put a dollar in a jar for every workout I complete along with each pound I lose.  I have already started putting money in a jar before I counted so now I have to update the amount in it.  Once I reach a certain amount, I will buy a Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, or something similar.

I worked out to Pump and Burn tonight.  After I finished, I thought I would throw in a second workout to Les Mills Core.  I tried to not modify as much as I can while in plank doing the specific moves.  I for sure did a lot more than the last time.  I haven’t decided if I love or hate Cross Crawls.  Either way, I feel the huge burn and it’ll be worth it.  Throughout both workouts I was sweating a lot more than usual…and I loved every little bit of it : )


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