Les Mills Pump Day 28

Les Mills Workout: Off Day

I am so glad that today was an off day from working out!  I totally needed it except it wasn’t an off day from work.  Today was my last day of working 10 straight at one location and I have one more day left to work at a different one tomorrow.  And then I’m off for one week!  Work went great and fast.  If only I can say the same thing for traffic.  I get more and more irritated with traffic everyday and it took too long to get back to the burbs tonight.  I had a lot to do in a small amount of time.  I visited my friend one more time before she left to go back home tomorrow morning.  After that, I went home to finish homework and I just finished taking a test for one class.  Sorry for all of the play-by-plays especially since it’s not health or fitness related.  It feels a lot better getting some stuff out.

This week is the final week of Phase 1 to Les Mills Pump and I’m ready to work hard through it!  I will be incorporating a new workout tomorrow with Pump and Shred.  It’ll be interesting to see how it will go.



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