Les Mills Pump Day 25

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Burn
P90X Workout: Kempo X

What a busy day!  I started it all out with a quick blend of Shakeology for breakfast and took it to go so I can drink it on my way to work.  It never fails especially when I don’t have time to make breakfast.  I did a bit more walking around and going up and down steps today at work.  It’s always a good workday overall when you’re able to get some exercise at the same time.  Throughout my day, I probably snacked at least 3 times in between my meals.  I feel like eating every 2 to 3 hours each day has been helping my metabolism speed up again.

The commute back to the burbs took way too long.  It’s probably because I took all side roads. But still the highway did not look good at all.  Actually, it was traffic was bad all day and it’s not even Friday.  I can’t imagine how tomorrow will be.  I’m definitely leaving earlier tomorrow and going somewhere after work until the traffic dies down.  Let’s hope my patience is better tomorrow…I was super irritated as soon as I got to Fit Club.  I think I took some of that out during our workout tonight.  We worked out to P90X Kempo X.  I had only tried out one other P90X workout before this.  Kempo X was a lot longer than I had expected but it was a very good workout.  There seemed to be more moves than Les Mills Pump: Combat of course.  Between Combat and Kempo X, I liked Combat more.

I pushed play to Pump and Burn as soon as I got home.  Excellent workout and I was sweating more than usual.  I went back to using 5 pound plates during the Legs and Back track though.  I still find my arms and legs burning and my legs shaking.  I won’t go back to the 10 pound plates until I get stronger and feel like it’s too easy.  Although those bottom halves will always get me. It feels great once I get through those.


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