Les Mills Pump Day 24

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs

I woke up later than I wanted to this morning and I weighed myself again.  I lost another pound!  I have lost 5 pounds since starting Les Mills Pump on August 27th.  I’m a few more pounds to where I left off after completing my second round of Insanity.  I can’t wait to get past that point.  Until then I need to stay patient and keep working hard.

Work went a little faster tonight but I was super exhausted once I got home.  I literally laid on my bed with my work clothes on and passed out.  I woke up an hour later and realized that I didn’t get my workout in.  As much as I wanted to change my clothes and go back to bed because I was so sleepy, I didn’t.  It was pretty late too.  I wanted to make sure I got my workout in otherwise I would regret not doing it in the morning.  I worked out to Hard Core Abs.  Even though the workout wasn’t that long, I did the best I can without any modifications.


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