Les Mills Pump Day 23

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Burn

I totally forgot include in yesterday’s post that I had lost another pound.  That’s 4 pounds in 3 weeks…not bad but I would like to lose at least 2 pounds a week.  I know I’m still building muscle especially now that I’m doing Les Mills Pump.  I could have lost more in fat but gained some in muscle.  It’s all good though because more muscle means I can burn more calories.

I decided that I’m going to start counting calories again.  I have heard the pros and cons to counting calories.  From my experience, it has worked for me and I have lost more weight doing so.  Therefore, I’m going with what has worked for me.  The downside to counting calories is that it makes me feel stressed about recording every single thing I eat which makes it a little more time consuming.  I used to be so obsessed with checking the nutrients I take in as well.  In the past I would eat foods that I thought were “healthy” to reach my calorie goal without taking in consideration of the lack of nutrients.  I did not eat clean.  I’m smarter this time around.  This time, I’ll reach my calorie goal with nutrient rich foods and eating as clean as I can.  However, I won’t be obsessing over my sugar, sodium, etc. levels.  If it goes over some days, then okay but I won’t let it go over that much.  I’ll still try to keep it under my goal each day.

I had the opportunity to sleep in this morning.  I for sure did just that except I slept in a little later than I had intended to.  I started off my day with a healthy breakfast and then Shakeology later on for lunch.  I love being able to blend it up quickly and take it to go while I drive to work.  Work was better tonight and it went a lot faster.  It was pretty cold though.   After work, I picked up a salad for a late dinner.

I worked out to Pump and Burn when I got home.  It’s amazing how much I can still feel the burn throughout the workout.  I have noticed that my legs are more toned from all of the squats.  I really want to tone my arms so I turned it up by switching to 10 pound plates during the Legs and Back track.  The track consists of deadlifts, clean and presses, and rows performed in combinations and with different tempo and rep counts.  It was definitely more challenging.  I might go back to the 5 pound plates next time though…until I’m done with Phase 1 at least.  I have a week and a half left to Phase 1.


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