Les Mills Pump Day 20

Les Mills Workout: Hard Core Abs & Walk 45 Minutes

Christine why can’t you just go to bed early when you have to get up early in the morning…or in general!  Sorry for the third person talk lol.  It’s totally true.  I went to bed late.  I literally set at least 7 or 8 alarms that go off every 5 minutes.  I end up pressing snooze with each of them up until the very last one or I reset a couple new ones.  I lost count on how many times I snoozed.  I didn’t have time to make breakfast so I quickly blended up some Shakeology and took it to go.

Work went a bit faster than yesterday and I walked more too.  On the Les Mills Pump schedule, it says to walk for 45 minutes.  I definitely walked and went up and down stairs for at least a couple hours.  After work, I went home and relaxed for the rest of the night.  A few years ago, I used to go out almost every night especially on a Saturday night.  These days, I enjoy sitting at home by myself or with friends.  Let’s add on doing school work and working out.

I had a late workout to Les Mills Pump: Hard Core Abs.  Every time I do abs, I push myself harder and that goes the same with the other workouts.  But I really wanted to work my core out as hard as I can tonight. I attempted to do the Walking Hover in full form by not having to put my knees down in a plank.  I can stay up long doing a normal plank but with the Walking Hover, you are walking up to a push up from your elbows in plank position.  I am not strong in push ups at the moment.  I was able to do a couple reps in full form and had to go put my knees down.  There are a couple other moves that I think are hard too.  One is the Side Hover Crunch.  This is where you are on your side (of course) with an elbow and leg down and then bring your arms and legs in and out.  I’ve been okay with that move and didn’t modify the last two times including this one.  I’d say the hardest move would be the Side Plank Crunch.  You are again on your side with an elbow down but the main difference is your legs are straightened out.  I tried to put my legs straight out last time and did it again this time.  I was shaky and fell over a few times.  I’m confident that I’ll be able to do those moves without modifying soon since I’m getting stronger each time.

Yesterday I was sitting down and randomly looked town towards my stomach.  I was thinking, “how did I get to this” and “why did I do this to myself?”  I have looked in the mirror countless times and thought “wow, I need to lose weight.”  I think it really hit me this time.  I was looking back older pictures and it’s hard to believe how much bigger I used to be.  I did not look healthy at all.  By the way, I had no intention of looking at old pictures either.  However, I might do a side by side comparison at my heaviest and how I look now so you can all see.  I’ll do it sometime next week.  In the past, I wanted to lose weight badly.  I never have felt this motivated to lose the weight now.  Even when I first started Insanity and a few weeks ago when I started Les Mills Pump.  No more giving into unhealthy food, getting off track, and then waiting to find the right time to start over.  There is no waiting to find the right time with the things you want the most in life.  Now is the time to strive to be the best version of myself.


One thought on “Les Mills Pump Day 20”

  1. I hit the snooze alarm 3 times the other day before i got out of bed to run. I had a ok run that day. You have to remember that not all days are going to consist of great workouts. However consistence is the key. Good Luck

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