Les Mills Pump Day 11

Les Mills Pump Workout: Flow
Insanity Workout: Pure Cardio

I had a semi-productive day today.  I cooked a healthy breakfast and lunch.  I can’t remember the last time I cooked back to back healthy meals.  It’s probably been a couple of months.  I usually have Shakeology for lunch, which by the way I switched to the new Chocolate Vegan formula, but my cousin was coming over so I wanted to make us lunch.  I gave my lunch some time to settle and worked out to Flow.  It’s nice to have recovery days when I have to workout again at Fit Club later on.

We went to Fit Club and worked out to Insanity Pure Cardio.  This was my cousin’s first time trying Insanity and she did alright.  It amazes me that I’m able to dig deep whenever I workout to Insanity.  I had a great sweat as usual and finished off my night with a Shakeology shake as my dinner.

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