Les Mills Pump Day 10

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump Challenge & Hard Core Abs

Back to work for one more time until next Friday!  It was a hot day at work!  I had to work outside in full sun for most of the time.  I walked up and down a bunch of steps and I was sweating so much I had to wipe myself off a couple of times.  I don’t know about you, but I considered that a workout haha.  I was super hungry after work so I didn’t do so well in my choices during a late lunch.  Again, I need better discipline and I need to make better decisions if I ever get so hungry.  I can’t just eat what I want.

Well I watched the NFL Opening Kickoff Game at a friend’s earlier tonight and went home.  I made sure I was going to get my workout in.  I worked out to Pump Challenge and Hard Core Abs.  I was still feeling the soreness in my core after the first time I worked out to Hard Core Abs.  I modified a bit again but worked a little harder.