Les Mills Pump Day 8

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump and Burn

Happy Labor Day!

Of course I just had to sleep in today.  I didn’t have time to workout because I had to meet up with my friends to go to a baseball game.  I weighed myself before I left my house and didn’t lose any weight since starting Les Mills Pump last week.  I have been making better and healthier choices but some meals haven’t been as healthy as I wanted them to be.  It’s been tough trying to stay away from my favorite (not so healthy) foods.  I didn’t make good choices tonight when I went to the game and I hate myself for doing that.  I just need to keep trying to get back to eating clean and have better discipline.

I worked out to Pump and Burn and soon as I got home.  Pump and Burn is a 30 minute workout and I think it’s similar Pump Challenge.  You are doing a lot more reps and it works several muscles at once.  I for sure felt the burn of The Rep Effect throughout the workout.  My arms and legs were shaking and I had a bigger sweat.  I bet I’ll be sore once again tomorrow.

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