Les Mills Pump Day 7

Les Mills Pump Workout: Hard Core Abs & Pump Challenge

I am so happy that today was the last day of working 10 straight!  I do have a day off tomorrow but I have to work on Wednesday night and then I’m off for another week and a half.  After my long week off, it’s another 10 straight once again and at least it’s the last one of the year.  I worked and enjoyed a nice fireworks show in the park right next to my house.  It was a makeup from the 4th of July because a bad storm came through and ruined the festivities.  As soon as the fireworks were over, I worked out to Hard Core Abs and Pump Challenge.  Hard Core Abs is a 20 minute workout and it’s pretty much self-explanatory lol.  I didn’t have to use any weights though.  It’s a little harder than Insanity’s Insane Abs.  There are moves that I have never done or even heard of.  I modified when I needed to and my core was already sore at the end.  After that, I worked out to Pump Challenge.

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