Les Mills Pump Day 5

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump Challenge

Nothing too special has happened on this last day in August.  I went to work and I didn’t end up getting home until later tonight.  I hung out at my cousin’s until I knew traffic wasn’t bad.  Traffic in Chicago is always bad and it’s the worst on Fridays.  I got another late workout in to Pump Challenge.  I modified in lunges in the past couple of workouts and tried doing it with the bar only on my shoulders.  I still had to take a couple breaks to shake out my legs in those and the squats.  Oh those bottom halves get me each time.  Instead of squatting or lunging all the way down, you go up half-way and go down again and then back up.  It definitely gets my heart rate going and I worked up a good sweat at the end.

I have an early day at work tomorrow and I’m hoping it doesn’t rain so I can get home and relax.

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