Les Mills Pump Day 3

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump Challenge

Yikes!  I am pretty sore today.  I’m always the sorest on the third day after I start working out after a while.  Working everyday for 10 days straight hasn’t been helping much with the soreness either.  I’m only half-way into it too.  I have been doing my workouts after I get home from work.  I’ve had night games since I started this program so of course it was another late workout tonight.  Working out the Pump Challenge for the second time was easier and I didn’t modify as much as I did with lunges.  As much as I don’t enjoy doing squat and lunges, I will have to learn to love them considering that they are a great portion of the moves.  It’s still crazy that I perform so many reps in such a small amount of time.  I wonder if anyone has actually took the time to count how many reps are done during each workout.  If anyone has those numbers, please do share lol.

It’s an early day at work tomorrow so off to bed I go!

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