Les Mills Pump Day 5

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump Challenge

Nothing too special has happened on this last day in August.  I went to work and I didn’t end up getting home until later tonight.  I hung out at my cousin’s until I knew traffic wasn’t bad.  Traffic in Chicago is always bad and it’s the worst on Fridays.  I got another late workout in to Pump Challenge.  I modified in lunges in the past couple of workouts and tried doing it with the bar only on my shoulders.  I still had to take a couple breaks to shake out my legs in those and the squats.  Oh those bottom halves get me each time.  Instead of squatting or lunging all the way down, you go up half-way and go down again and then back up.  It definitely gets my heart rate going and I worked up a good sweat at the end.

I have an early day at work tomorrow and I’m hoping it doesn’t rain so I can get home and relax.

Les Mills Pump Day 4

Les Mils Pump Workout: Flow

I really do enjoy my recovery days.  I did my first workout to Flow tonight. It is a 20 minute workout that helps increase flexibility, decrease soreness, and improve your alignment as you stretch your entire body.  In short, it’s a yoga workout.  I haven’t really done a full yoga video so this was a bit new to me.  Even though it was very low impact, I managed to work up a good sweat.  At the end of it, I was relaxed and it helped the soreness in my muscles.  I hope as I keep doing Flow, my flexibility gets better.  Who knows, maybe I’ll open up to more yoga in the future.

Les Mills Pump Day 3

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump Challenge

Yikes!  I am pretty sore today.  I’m always the sorest on the third day after I start working out after a while.  Working everyday for 10 days straight hasn’t been helping much with the soreness either.  I’m only half-way into it too.  I have been doing my workouts after I get home from work.  I’ve had night games since I started this program so of course it was another late workout tonight.  Working out the Pump Challenge for the second time was easier and I didn’t modify as much as I did with lunges.  As much as I don’t enjoy doing squat and lunges, I will have to learn to love them considering that they are a great portion of the moves.  It’s still crazy that I perform so many reps in such a small amount of time.  I wonder if anyone has actually took the time to count how many reps are done during each workout.  If anyone has those numbers, please do share lol.

It’s an early day at work tomorrow so off to bed I go!

Les Mills Pump Day 2

Les Mills Pump Workout: Combat

I am definitely starting to feel the soreness in my arms and legs!  I am especially feeling it in my quads.  According to the schedule in the guide, today is supposed to be an off day.  I have gotten used to Sundays being my off days so I will move up my workouts to make it work that way.  Since I have another off day this week and happens to be on Sunday, I decided to try out Combat.  Combat is a 45 minute workout and it is a total-body conditioning workout.  You pump up your calorie burn as you strike, punch, and kick your way to a strong body.  Beachbody will be releasing a Les Mills Combat series in 2013. It was a lot of fun when I tried out some of it with the trainers at the 2012 Team Beachbody Coach Summit in Las Vegas in June.

If you think that Combat is just like any other martial arts workout program, it’s totally not.  In fact, I think it’s a little more intense with great music once again making the workout so much better.  I think Combat might have the best music selection so far but I’m still in the beginning of this program so we shall see.  I definitely recognized a some of the moves from Summit.  It was easier to understand how to do a couple of the moves this time around since I was behind the camera crew and towards the back during the workout.  Even though it’s one of the longer workouts, time went by fast.  It’s definitely a great workout and I can’t wait for Les Mills Combat to come out!

Les Mills Pump Day 1

Les Mills Pump Workout: Pump Challenge

Day 1 of Les Mills Pump is here!  I will be following a modified schedule in what is listed in the guide by substituting any walking time for an additional Les Mills Pump workout.  I purchased the Deluxe Version and it includes three more workouts I can do.  I kicked off my 90-days with Pump Challenge.  It’s  a 20 minute workout with fundamental resistance exercises.  In Les Mills Pump they have what they call “The Rep Effect.”  It’s where you exhaust your muscles with light to moderate weights and perform high repetitions in a single workout.  I definitely started to feel The Rep Effect throughout the workout.  Half-way into my workout, I found my legs were shaking due to performing so many squats and lunges.  I never felt anything else like it while working out.  Even though it’s a short introductory workout, I had a great sweat.

I say so far so good with Les Mills Pump.  The music tracks to each workout is really good and the trainers make working out a lot more fun and make time go by faster.  I can’t wait to try out the different workouts as I progress through this program.  Of course, I can’t wait to see what kind of results I’ll have at the end.  Day 1 is in the books!

One Pound At A Time Rebirth

One Pound At A Time has been reborn!  I am back and I am getting back to my weight loss journey.  I want to apologize to those who have been checking into my site and haven’t seen any updates over the past couple of months.  Truth is that I fell off a little after I went on vacation in June and I have been trying to find my way back since then.  Yes, I have gained some weight back and I’m not proud of that.  I knew going into this that my journey was not going to be an easy process.  It took me 20 something years to get to this weight and it’s not going to take me only a few months to get to my goal weight.

The most important thing is not that I’m back and more motivated than ever to reach my goal weight.  My fitness level might still be a little better than when I first started Insanity but I will be starting out as if I was working out for the first time in a long time.  However, I will not be working out to Insanity this time around.  I have completed 2 rounds of Insanity and so it’s time to change it up.  I will go back to Insanity later on though.  My new fitness program is Les Mills Pump and it is a 90-day program.  The workout is a barbell-based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program that incinerates calories to give you the ultimate tight, toned, lean body.  It is one of the newer programs to the Beachbody family and I had the privilege of meeting and working out some of the Les Mills Pump trainers at the 2012 Beachbody Coach Summit in Las Vegas back in June.  Between that and learning more about how the program works, I knew that this would be my next program.  On a side note, I will write a separate post on my amazing time at Summit.

Like I said, I gained a little weight back so I will be counting down as if I were starting over again.  As long as I keep losing the weight and I keep improving myself, that’s all that matters.  I want my site to keep me accountable and motivated and also to help inspire others to do the same.  Thanks to everyone on their support and feedback.  I will eventually change up the content and appearance but most importantly, stay tuned to daily updates from me once again : )

In the spirit of Les Mills Pump…”KIA KAHA = Be Strong”