Insanity Day 52 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs

It has been a very physical day…and by physical, I mean I have been moving around for most of the day.  I started out with some tennis this morning with my old teammate.  It has been cold over the past week but weather was just perfect to play in.  I am slowly getting back to playing at least once a week and I’m trying to improve on my shots.  The most important thing I need to work on is my consistency especially in my serves.  I have pretty killer serves but they tend to either go in the next or out most of the time.  I’m hoping to get started in a tennis league and play regular matches against different opponents in my skill level within the next week or so.

Right after tennis and a nice lunch, I went back to work after being off for a few days.  I did a ton of walking around including going up and down steps.  They were steep steps might I add.  Work is always a workout on it’s own; some more days than others though.  I finally finished my night with working out to Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs.  As usual, it was a late workout.  I still felt great going into my workout and felt a lot better once I finished it.

I’m looking to lose at least a couple more pounds before the week is over.  I’ll have a couple of busy days and I have no doubt that I won’t be able to accomplish that.  I will be moving around a lot more tomorrow.  It will be an early day as I start out with Max Recovery first thing in the morning.  After that hopefully I can play some tennis with a friend, spend a couple hours working out at her gym, and then lots more walking around at work.  I still have to do my Fit Test so hopefully I’ll have enough energy to do it once I get home from all of that.  If not, I’ll do it first thing on Friday.  Either way, I know where I stand with or without the test.  I better try to get enough rest for a super productive day tomorrow!

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