Insanity Day 51 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Max Interval Plyo

Another day in the books!  For the most part, it was relaxing yet productive.  I spent most of my day doing some of my own self-development from home.  I have gotten used to doing my workouts late so I decided to do it tonight when I got home from dinner and errands.  My stomach wasn’t feeling so well but I worked out to Max Interval Plyo either way.  I just did not work out as hard as I wanted to.  Even though I went slower, I still felt like I worked hard.

I’m due for another trip to the grocery store which I will take tomorrow after I play tennis.  I haven’t made as many meals from home over the past few days.  At least when I do eat out, I make the right choices.  It will be a busy day tomorrow with tennis in the morning, errands, and back to work again after having a few days off.  I looked at my schedule for the next couple of weeks and it looks like it will be a very busy one.  I love staying busy and being productive and that having that attitude is always a plus!

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