Insanity Day 45 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Max Interval Plyo

Oh Chicago traffic, why must you be a big pain?  It was a bigger pain than normal going to and from work today.  On top of the traffic, the weather is being crazy again with this cold front.  Oh well, what can you do…it’s Chicago haha.  I totally forgot to bring a long sleeve t-shirt just in case I would get cold because I work outside.  It worked out because I wore three layers of shirts.  I also kept walking around to stay warm and that meant exercise too.  Other than that work was slow but still better somehow.

The ride back out to the suburbs was ridiculous.  It took longer than usual and traffic felt more like how it is on a Friday.  I ran some errands with a friend which included grocery shopping.  She started reading Bob Harper’s book called “Skinny Rules”.  She wants to use what she learns from it to eat healthier on top of what I have taught her as well.  This is why I want to get into Health and Fitness; to help inspire others to eat healthier and share my knowledge and tips.  It’s about time I start up a new book so I will most likely read that book too.  Thanks for telling me about his book my friend!

I went home and of course my day would not be complete without a late workout to Insanity.  I worked out to Max Interval Plyo.  My jumps are improving again and the aren’t as hard on the knees.  I still think some of the jumps are still crazy.  I’m looking very forward to Max Recovery and get a day off from the cardio and jumps.  I’m also looking very forward to another day off from work!

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