Insanity Day 43 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Max Cardio Conditioning

Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all those who have served our country.

I didn’t feel different when I woke up this morning.  The sad feeling was still there and I had hoped that it didn’t affect my work performance.  I actually did better than I had expected at work.  I can’t let that bad feeling get in the way.  After work, I went to a BBQ where I didn’t eat too much.  I actually haven’t had much of an appetite over the past few days.  I have pretty much snacked but have not made bad food choices.  I hung out at my friend’s for a bit then went home.  I had some good time on my drive back home to think about things.  I finally realized why I felt like this.  I needed to talk to someone about what’s been going on so I talked with a couple people.  I definitely felt a little better.

It’s a holiday but I’m not letting it stop me from getting my workout in.  I figured a good workout will help get out some of my stress.  I worked out to Max Cardio Conditioning and I worked harder through it.  Tomorrow is a new day and even though it’s Tuesday, I still consider it the start of the week due to the holiday.  It’s a fresh start and I’ll be working my way back out of this funk.  There’s nothing more than I can do but forget the past and try harder to get better.

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