Insanity Day 42 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Off Day

What started out as a good off day from Insanity and work turned into a bad off day.  I do not wish to go into details as they are very personal but I feel as if I should document even though it is very vague.  This is apart of my journey and writing a little about what happened will help me.  My weekend has been going wonderful up until I returned back from running a couple of errands with my friend.  Something triggered a some bad memories which made me feel sad and stressed.  I spent the rest of the night by myself and it’s super late as I am writing this.  All I want to do is talk to someone but there’s no one really available since it’s a busy weekend especially this late.  There’s nothing much more to say other than I hope I wake up feeling much better tomorrow.

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