Insanity Day 40 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Max Interval Circuit

Whew!  I had a pretty good day minus the bad cramping earlier today.  I had planned on having another productive day before work but ended up relaxing in bed.  I definitely could not get my workout done feeling that way.  Luckily I felt a lot better a little after I arrived at work.  I got home a late and worked out to Max Interval Circuit.  I still felt out of it and I couldn’t go as hard as I wanted to.  I did what I could and finished my workout.

Oh and by the way, I have finally lost another pound when I weighed myself this morning.  It has been two weeks since I lost a pound and I was not going to let another week pass by without losing at least one pound.  If I can be down another pound when I wake up tomorrow, that would be wonderful.  If not, no worries because I’m happy to be back on the right path.  More weight will come off at an even faster rate and I will make it happen.

It’s going to be a challenge to eating clean over the weekend since it’s Memorial Day Weekend.  I used to enjoy myself a little too much in the past.  I can still grill, I just need to grill the right food.  I’ll be looking up healthy and delicious recipes to make for this weekend so I can feel like I’m not missing anything.

Hope you all have a wonderful, safe, and fun Memorial Day Weekend!

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