Insanity Day 39 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Fit Test #3/Max Recovery

I had a very productive day on my day off from work.  I am happy with how much I was able to accomplish and especially that I was able to stick to eating healthy once again.  One of the things I need to work on is waking up earlier and I did just that this morning even though I went to bed super late.  I did my third Fit Test a little after breakfast.  In my last Fit Test, I did not do so well.  This time I improved in almost each move.  They’re not big improvements but it’s still positive results.  I posted my results below.

I did some work from home before attending a special event tonight.  After the event, I worked out to Max Recovery.  It was a late workout .  The time was almost to the point where it was getting very late but I made sure I got it done.  I forgot how hard Max Recovery could be at times with all of the holds, pulses, and strength moves.  As soon as I finished, my body felt as if I was already starting to get sore.  I’m sure I’ll feel a bit sore tomorrow.  I don’t mind getting sore though.  It just means there’s more room to get stronger : )

Fit Test #3 Results (Numbers are not actual reps):
1. Switch Kicks = 5
2. Power Jacks = 1
3. Power Knees = 2
4. Power Jumps = 0
5. Globe Jumps = 0
6. Suicide Jumps = 1
7. Push-Up Jacks = 2
8. Low Plank Oblique = 4

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