Insanity Day 36 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Max Interval Circuit

There are two reasons why May 21st is important to me today.  One is because the 2012 Team Beachbody Coach Summit in Las Vegas is exactly one month away!  Two is because I start Month 2 workouts today!  Weird how each reason matches up with the same number right?  Yes, certified dork here.  The Team Beachbody Coach Summit in Vegas is slowly coming up fast and it means that I need to turn it up a level with my workouts.  I can’t think of a better way to do so than by starting my Month 2 workouts today.  They’re going to be tough as usual but that is what is great about Insanity.  It always challenges you no matter where you are at in the program.

Before I talk about my workout, today was a rare day off from work so I took advantage of it by running errands.  An important errand I wanted to make sure I got done was to shop for groceries.  I went grocery shopping last week but it was only a small trip.  I made sure I bought everything I needed to prepare and cook my own food.  In the past, I bought way too much food that I didn’t even eat and a lot of the produce went bad.  I bought only the things I mostly use which includes spinach, avocados, apples, chicken tenders, etc.  I had made a healthy breakfast and drank Shakeology for lunch so all that I had left was to cook something for dinner.  I was tempted to run to Chipotle and get a burrito bowl.  Why waste extra money to not use all of the ingredients I just bought and make my own dinner?  All I needed was a little patience to cook.  I found a copycat recipe of Chipotle’s Pico de Gallo on Pinterest and made my own salsa.  I also cooked up some made from scratch chicken lime cilantro tacos.  Even though I don’t consider myself a good cook, everything was so amazingly good lol.  Best part about it…it was healthy and filling : )

Now according to the wall calendar, I’m supposed to be doing my third Fit Test today along with Max Interval Circuit.  I decided to do a minor change and move it to Thursday when I do Max Recovery.  The Fit Test is a workout in itself and I think it’s best if I do it with a Recovery Day.  However, I’m probably only going to do a small edit this one time…maybe.  I did Max Interval Circuit a few weeks ago in Fit Club and it was a challenge to get through.  This time was no different.  Between this and Max Interval Plyo, this one might be the hardest.  I had a great workout and worked up a great sweat.

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