Insanity Day 32 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Core Cardio and Balance

Yikes!  I want to once again apologize for the slow updates over the past couple of days.  I start an entry and I pretty much fall asleep after my workouts.  But not this time!

I changed up my meals for once.  I haven’t had a lot of time to cook breakfast and it’s probably been at least two weeks since I did that.  I have been drinking Shakeology every morning especially since I am always on the go.  It doesn’t even take me 5 minutes to blend a shake.  Once I do, I put it in a disposable cup and drink it on my way to work.  It’s like healthy fast food.  Speaking of fast food, I am always wishing a healthy fast food place would open up.  It would be organic and fresh fast food.  Sure it would be a little more expensive and I think it would be worth it not only to me but my overall health.  I came across the picture below and never thought as fruit as fast food.  I can eat enough to take in enough calories and it’s the ultimate healthy fast food.

I didn’t have the time to workout again before work.  I always want to leave enough time in between my meals and working out otherwise I would feel sick.  My day was a lot better today.  I had a great sales day and I just felt better.  I got home late and did my workout.  Nothing too new to report about Core Cardio and Balance besides working up a great sweat.  I wanted to make sure I caught up and got my entries in before I went to bed.

As much as I love weekends, this weekend is an exception.  I just want it to go by fast.  Tomorrow begins a long and crazy weekend as the NATO Summit is this weekend in Chicago.  Luckily I work in Wrigleyville which is far enough from where the actual summit is.  However, that won’t stop the protesters from protesting in my area.  The commute won’t be fun either and I’m hoping it will go smoother than I’m expecting.  I have an early day at work tomorrow but I am leaving extra early just in case I run into more traffic.  I’m looking to get my workout done in the evening and relax for the rest of the night.  Wish me luck!

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