Insanity Day 12 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Cardio Power and Resistance

Success!  I worked out while the sun was still out!  It felt great to workout during the day.  The only thing is that I felt sluggish while working out once again.  I don’t know what’s been up with me lately.  Maybe I should’ve taken a break from Insanity but it’s okay.  Or maybe it has to do with my sleep schedule lately.  I get enough sleep but I’m going to bed too late and waking up late.  I need to change something up that’s for sure.  Other than that, I’m feeling sore from my workouts.  It’s always a good feeling because I know I’m able to build more muscle.

I have another busy weekend ahead of me but it’ll be fun.  It all starts tomorrow with an early game, a housewarming party, and then having a relaxing night with a friend.  I can’t also forget to get my workout done after all that so it will most likely be done in the evening.   Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh and before I forget, in honor of Round 1 of the NBA playoffs beginning tomorrow…GO BULLS!  SEE RED : )

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