Insanity Day 10 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Whew!  On my way home tonight I realized that I had almost worked 12 hours today.  I worked an early game, had to quickly get ready, and work a special event tonight.  I worked all day walking around and most of the time I worked in heels.  My feet are killing me right now but I had a fun time either way.  On a short break at the event, I had a quick dinner and they only had pop available.   I have not had any pop since I started Insanity on February 6th.  I was so thirsty I grabbed a diet.  As kept debating if I should drink it or not and then I opened it.  I was feeling so anxious because I did not want to give in to pop and let alone diet.  I learned how bad diet pop is from watching “Hungry For Change”.  I was so close to taking a sip but I gave it to one of my co-workers.  I was able to ask for a pitcher of water and I’m glad I did not give in.

I ended up leaving the event later than expected and didn’t get home until after midnight.  All I wanted to do was pass out but I knew I had to get my workout done.  Some would have said what I did today was a workout in itself.  I decided to workout to Plyometric Cardio Circuit even though it was getting late.  I didn’t go all out during my workout since my feet were hurting from being in heels.  Now I am ready to pass out.  Another work day tomorrow but it’s a night game and you better believe that I’m going to sleep in tomorrow.

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