Insanity Day 4 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Cardio Power and Resistance/Cardio Recovery

I would LOVE to have just one day to lay around and do nothing or watch movies all day.  I pretty much want to be a bum.  Just one day lol.  I haven’t had one of those days in the past 2 weeks.  I like being busy but not this busy.  I can’t complain though since I’m making money and I scheduled my own damn self haha.  I just wish the commute wasn’t so bad back and forth from the burbs to downtown Chicago.

Anyways, after work I went straight home to get ready for a group workout.  I didn’t do my own workout yet of course because I didn’t have time.  The workout tonight was Cardio Power and Resistance.  It’s the same workout I did the other night.  I joined in almost half-way in and didn’t go as hard as I can and took a few breaks.  I want to be able to do my own workout at home and push harder.  I still managed a great sweat though.  I got home late after a late dinner and did my workout.  Love recovery days!

Time to get to bed since it’s later than I wanted to go to bed and I have another early day at work tomorrow!


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