Insanity Day 1 – Round 2

Insanity Workout: Fit Test #5 (Round 1)/Fit Test #1 (Round 2)

Round 2 of Insanity begins today!  I’m very started to continue my weight loss journey with Insanity.  Today’s workout is first Fit Test.  Well like I mentioned in yesterday’s post I’m combining my fifth and final Fit Test from my first round with my first Fit Test from this round.  It doesn’t make sense to have to do two separate tests if they are going to be the same in results.  I posted my results below and a few of the results I have were not what I expected to be.  I have improved in each Fit Test so far but in this one I either did less than last time, did the same amount, or improved.  I think I set the bar higher during my last test except my results are pretty high up there since I was already athletic going into doing Insanity.  Regardless of any result, I have improved since my first Fit Test.  The pounds I have lost so far, the way I feel, and the way my clothes fit now are what matters the most.  My endurance, strength, and speed has gotten a lot better as well.

Going into this round, I am feeling more motivated than ever! I won’t let a bad result from a Fit Test get me down.  It’s another challenge to really kill it this time around and dig deeper!

Fit Test #5 (Round 1)/Fit Test #1 (Round 2) Results (Numbers are not actual reps):
1. Switch Kicks = -8
2. Power Jacks = 8
3. Power Knees = 8
4. Power Jumps = 1
5. Globe Jumps = 1
6. Suicide Jumps = -2
7. Push-Up Jacks = 0
8. Low Plank Oblique = 1

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