Insanity Day 63

Insanity Workout: Cardio Recovery

Day 63 has finally arrived!  Today marks the last day of first round of Insanity!  What a better way of spending it than to work another crazy double followed by a late workout lol.  Even though it was an exhausting day (it wasn’t as exhausting as last Thursday), I had a great sales day overall.

I got home late as usual and did the last workout for my first round which is Cardio Recovery.  I think I like Max Recovery a lot more than this one though.  Either way I enjoy recovery days.  I mentioned that I was going to be working out to Fast and Furious tomorrow and Core Cardio and Balance on Saturday.  I will be changing it up because I almost forgot I had to do my fourth and final Fit Test.  I will be doing that test tomorrow on top of taking my final measurements and pictures.  I’ll be posting my final Fit Test results tomorrow and I’m hoping I’ll improve in each move.  As for a workout on Saturday, I will be working out to Fast and Furious and taking my rest day on Sunday.  I plan on starting my second round of Insanity on Monday.  Until then, I’ll have to figure out how I am going to go about renaming the title of my posts haha.  I’ll also post any reflections on my Insanity Challenge either with my results in tomorrow’s post or on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Insanity Day 63”

  1. I’m late to your post, but wanted to say congratulations on your final day of your first round!! And I’m so happy for you that you got over your plateau and lost that final pound. I’ll keep following you as you continue your Beachbody endeavors.
    One question, you often mention that it was a “good sales day.” What do you sell?

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