Insanity Day 60

Insanity Workout: Cardio Power and Resistance/Cardio Abs

Oops!  I accidentally fell asleep last night instead of cleaning up my workout shoes.  Well I soaked them into a little homemade Oxyclean solution and fell asleep without rinsing them to dry.  I wear Vibram Five Finger KSO’s aka barefoot shoes and they get a funky smell since it’s hard to clean where the toes go.  After looking up different solutions on how to clean them, I decided on a combination of scrubbing my shoes with the Oxyclean solution and then soaking them for an hour.  After that I would rinse them with hot water and use two Efferdent tablets; one in each shoe; to help kill any bacteria and to really eliminate the smell.  After soaking them for another 15 minutes, I would finally rinse them, put them in the washer on spin,  and hang to dry.  Because I fell asleep, I had to finish cleaning my shoes as soon as I woke up.  That meant that I had to workout when I got home from work to make sure they had enough time to dry.

I had a nice walk to and from where I parked my car and to work.  I do get a lot of walking around especially up and down steps during work as well.  I get a pretty good workout while working out so it’s great.  I got home after work and worked out to Core Cardio and Balance.  This was the first workout of four that I missed during the week that I was sick back in February.  Even though Month 1 workouts are still harder than normal workouts, it was great to go back to something easier than Mont h 2 workouts.  I was able to push myself harder and I’m sure I pushed harder than the first time around.  After that I worked out to Cardio Abs.

I’m actually falling asleep as I’m writing this so I better get to bed lol.  It was past midnight when I finished my workout.  I plan on working out before work tomorrow night.  I’m going to try to avoid doing late workouts from now on.  Pure Cardio tomorrow!

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