Insanity Day 59

Insanity Workout: Off Day

I decided to take my scheduled off day instead of doing Fast and Furious.  I needed this day off since I’ll be working so much over the next 10 days.  That and I thought it’ll help me relax and re-focus however it didn’t feel like that was today.  This past week has been so “blah”.  I want to thank those who have supported me thus far and have motivated me to keep going despite not losing any weight this past week.  There will always be challenges and difficulties we have to overcome to get what we want the most in life.  I just need to keep on going and never give up.  I know I will push through this little plateau.

I’m going schedule out the rest of my week when I get up tomorrow morning.  It will help me plan out my meals because when I get so busy like I have been this past week, I don’t eat as healthy.  I actually end up spending more money by eating at restaurants.  And no I have still not had any fast food as I can’t imagine myself ever eating fast food ever again.  Of course I pick healthy choices when I go out to eat but I don’t get enough fruits and vegetables.  I have to snack more while at work since I work through at east one major meal each day.  But yes, planning and scheduling out my week is definitely a big part to staying on track.

My first round ends on Thursday and I want to improve in my final Fit Test.  I’ll be going back to the four workouts I missed during my Month 1 workouts beginning with Cardio Power and Resistance and Cardio Abs.  Then it’s Pure Cardio, Plyometric Cardio Circuit, and finally Cardio Recovery.  After that I’ll workout to Fast and Furious and Core Cardio and Balance to finish my week out.  Then come next Monday I will start my second round on Insanity!  Maybe I’ll make it an Insanity/Brazil Butt Lift Hybrid : )

Hope you all had a great weekend and fun Easter!

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