Insanity Day 57

Insanity Workout: Max Interval Circuit

When I said in my last post that I would be sleeping in today, I didn’t expect to sleep in as late as I originally wanted to.  I’ll just say it was past lunch time when I woke up lol.  I didn’t have any plans or work today so it was a nice day to relax and run some errands.  And yet, I managed to work out late once again.  By the way if you are currently working out to Insanity or have already completed it, the schedule I’m following is according to my Insanity Challenge group schedule.  Even if I did follow the Insanity wall calendar, the days would not match up either.  I still wish I didn’t keep my days going when I got sick in February.  I should be done with my first round tomorrow but I will be done with it on Thursday.  I’m going to stick to the calendar schedule once my group challenge is done.  I guess good news is that today is the last time I’m doing Month 2 workouts with Max Interval Circuit.  That is until I have to do them again during my second round.

Like I said, it was another late workout.  I also felt out of it.  I’ve been out of it for the past week or so.  I still have not figured out what it is.  It’s a crazy thought but maybe it has to do with the weather around the Chicago area.  It’s been colder and the weather has been making my allergies act up.  There shouldn’t be an excuse for why I’ve been out of it.  I’m hoping I’ll snap out of it after the weekend or even better, when I wake up tomorrow.  I need to keep working hard and keep myself focused.

This next week will be a super busy work week and I have an early day at work tomorrow.  Time to end my post and get some sleep.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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