Insanity Day 55

Insanity Workout: Max Cardio Conditioning

It seems like I’m feeling better and better as each day passes by.  I realize today that I have been in sort of another funk this past week and it seems to happen after my off days.  I’m debating of doing Fast and Furious on my off day on Sunday to test out my little theory.   It’s only 20 minutes long but it will all depend on how I feel come Sunday after work.  Maybe the way I’m feeling also has to do with not eating enough fruits and vegetables.  I have been eating healthy but not as healthy enough as the previous weeks.  I need to get my butt to the grocery store since I haven’t shopped in almost a couple weeks.

I pushed myself harder once again with my workout today.  It was Max Cardio Conditioning.  I’m not to the level I was at last week but I’m getting there.  I’m just feeling “lazy” I guess.  I’m not really being lazy though if you know what I mean.  Either way I had another great workout.

Tomorrow is the beginning to my long, yet fun summer.  I’m a huge Chicago Cubs fan and I’ll be at the Home Opener!  That means I have to get to bed right after I finish this post because I have to get up early tomorrow.  On top of that, I have work later that night so I will have to get my workout in as soon as I get home.  It will be a late workout and I’m glad it’s going to be a recovery day at least.  Good night!