Insanity Day 51

Insanity Workout: Core Cardio and Balance

It has been a non-stop yet productive and fun day.  I have been helping my friend get all set up with her Crawfish Boil over the past couple of days.  I was able to fit my workout in this morning before we really needed to have everything all set and the guests arrived.  Today’s workout was Core Cardio and Balance.   I feel as if it was another recovery day which I don’t mind at all.  My friend’s daughter actually tried out the first 10 minutes of the workout so I sort of had a workout buddy for a little bit.  My cold is lingering but it’s almost gone which did not give me a problem during my workout.

Following my workout, we got everything ready and had a fun cookout.  I enjoyed a bit but I didn’t go too crazy.  I’m sure with the things I’ve done today along with my workout, I still was able to burn more calories than what I took in.  The only thing I didn’t pay too much attention to was drinking enough water today.  I normally drink at least 10-12 glasses a day and I think I only had half of that amount.

Anyways, I’m exhausted and I’m definitely looking forward to a day off tomorrow!  After that, one more week of my first round of Insanity!

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