Insanity Day 49

Insanity Workout: Max Recovery

I had a busy but great day today.  I started the day of course weighing myself to find that I had lost another pound.  17 pounds total since February 6th!  I’m getting closer and closer to hitting my goal of losing at least 20 pounds by the time I finish my first round of Insanity.  I’m also getting closer to feeling better from my cold and I’m feeling stronger.  I’m able to push myself a little harder and I want to get back to the level of intensity I was at before I got sick.

I had a late workout tonight and worked out to Max Recovery.  I especially love doing recovery days because it doesn’t involve me jumping and running.  That’s definitely okay in my book since I still have a cough.  Throughout my workout I had a random thought.  I was thinking how I haven’t gotten as used to these Month 2 workouts as fast as I did with the Month 1 workouts.  They’re still a challenge to me but it’s good.  It’ll push myself harder and it means there’s a lot of room for improvement : )

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