Insanity Day 48

Insanity Workout: Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs

It’s been a little over a week since I lost another pound and I’m happy to report that I lost yet another one this morning!  I have lost 16 pounds since 2/6/12!  There are less than 2 weeks left to my first round of Insanity and I’m shooting to lose at least 20 pounds by the end.  I think it’s definitely achievable.  I just need to stay focused and keep working hard.

Well I woke up with a cough this morning.  I was afraid I would get that and have chest congestion.  Chest congestion could make it a little harder while working out so I decided to hold off on doing my workout until later at night.  In the meantime, I helped my friend paint the walls in her hallway.  That was a workout in itself and I’m sure I burned a bunch of calories painting.  Before I painted, I drank my Shakeology for a late lunch and had another shake after I was done painting for dinner.  I added Kale in the shake I had for lunch and added a scoop of Natural Peanut Butter and a small handful of roasted and unsalted peanuts in the shake I had for dinner.  It’s not a lot of calories but I felt like I ate enough because it makes me feel full.  On top of that I got the nutrients I needed and then some.

I worked out to Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs as soon as I got home.  Throughout my workouts, I modified and took it easier once again.  A couple times, I was a little bit more out of breath and my lungs burned a bit due to the chest congestion.  It sounds bad but it really isn’t.  I made sure I took those breaks when I needed to.

My cold is running it’s course a lot faster than the last time I was sick so I’m sure I’ll feel better by the weekend.  Can’t wait for recovery day tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Insanity Day 48”

  1. Christine
    Good for you that you lost 16 pounds already! You will definitely make your 20 pound goal. I have been sicker than a dog even with fever so i know what you mean about taking it easy. I cant do insanity this sick–its hard enough to get through a day of work. Take care of yourself. You are doing so awesome!

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