Insanity Day 45

Insanity Workout: Core Cardio and Balance

First off, congratulations to Eddie (my coach/friend) for being STRIDE Certified yesterday by Shaun T himself!  STRIDE is Strength and Tone Real Intense Dance Exercise.  You can teach an aerobics class using cardio dance with body weighted toning exercises.  I’m planning on getting myself STRIDE Certified by Shaun T after my transformation is complete so it will be sometime next year.  Pictured below are Shaun T and Eddie.

Even though I was only in Wisconsin Dells for one night, it feels great to be home.  We had to check-out earlier than usual this morning (resort policies) and did a little walking around the downtown Dells strip before heading home.  My allergies were really bad today and I did not have any allergy medicine with me.  I finally took one as soon as I got home.  As soon as I started to get better, I worked out to Core Cardio and Balance.  I’m still pretty exhausted and I got at least 8 hours of sleep last night but I was determined to get my workout done since I took an off day yesterday.

The workout was a breeze compared to these Month 2 workouts.  It seemed like it went by fast and I was flying through the moves.  I was surprised on how easy the Hip Flexor Burners and Shoulder Burners were.  Of course they were harder during my Recovery Week and I kept up most of the time during those moves this time around.  I took it a bit easy with any major moves that involved big use in my knees especially any jumps.  Therefore, I modified because I can tell that my knees are still a little sore.

I was a little out of it during the first half of last week so I’m very ready to re-focus and work harder this week.  I only lost one pound last week and yes it is still great progress but this was the first week I did not lose at least two pounds since the beginning of my Insanity Challenge.  Progress is still progress however I would like to lose at least 20 pounds by the end of my first round of Insanity.  As of tomorrow, there are only 14 days left in my challenge and I am determined to lose 5 more pounds until then.  Well officially there are 14 days left with the group schedule.  Since I was sick for 4 days, it is actually 18 days left for me.  I will be continuing after the group schedule is over with the Month 1 workouts that I missed.  Regardless, I know I can do it!  I will lose those last 5 pounds!

I definitely want to get another good night’s sleep and I’m hoping to finally feel rested in the morning.  Fit Test #4 and Max Interval Circuit tomorrow!  Let’s do this!

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