Insanity Day 42

Insanity Workout: Max Recovery & Pure Cardio

Yes, you read that correct.  Not only was I able to play tennis for a couple hours today (which was great by the way), but I worked out twice to Insanity.  After playing tennis, lunch, and a short nap I worked out to Max Recovery before I left to go to the first night of my Fit Club.  My workout went well and I improved in some holds.  I still struggle a bit in the upper body moves but I think I did better this time around.

After my workout, I went to the first night of my Fit Club.  We decided to do Pure Cardio.  I wanted to jump in a few moves since I had already done my main workout on top of playing tennis.  I was not planning on working out to the entire disc, let alone go hard during it but I ended up doing so.  Now personally I think Pure Cardio is the hardest disc of Month 1 and I thought was a breeze this time around.  Time went by pretty fast and before I knew it, we were done.  It’s crazy how I would love to go back to Month 1 since Month 2 is purely insane.  This is coming from someone who was so out of shape and couldn’t even handle Insanity the first time out.

I am definitely not doing three workouts especially two Insanity workouts in one day again.  I think playing tennis and then working out to Insanity is fine but overworking your body in one day is not good.  I think working out too much in one day aka overtraining, leaves the body susceptible to injuries and illnesses.  Your body needs time to rest so it will allow your muscles to recover and grow.  However, I think it all depends on the intensity of your workouts too.  If it’s something like running a few miles in the morning, lifting weights after lunch, then going for a short run at night is fine.  But it your working out to something like Insanity and working out for another 2 hours in that same day is way too much.

All I know is that I am very exhausted because of all those workouts today.  And now it’s time to get some much needed sleep.

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