Insanity Day 37

Insanity Workout: Max Interval Plyo

Week 1 of Month 2 is complete!  It’s crazy how there are only 22 days left to this challenge after today (including off days).  For those who run across my blog, our Insanity Challenge group is really on Day 40 but because I was sick for 4 days, I did not count them.  I wished I kept the number of days going since I’m sure some of you might be confused why I’m only on Day 37 and doing Max Interval Plyo and not another workout that is on the Insanity calendar.  My apologies and I actually plan on adding 4 more days after our challenge is complete.  I will be doing the workouts I missed while I was sick.  It probably doesn’t make sense but I would feel better if I did them so I can say I followed the schedule and did all 60 days.

Another day of Max Interval Plyo!  It amazes me how purely insane some of these moves are.  I was able to get the hang of the moves better but I still had to modify.  These Month 2 workouts are really mind over matter.  At times when I feel like stopping during these workouts, I tell myself keep going.  I take my super short breaks in between and I don’t stop until it’s done.  I never press pause : )

Hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m looking forward to a wonderful and much needed off day tomorrow!

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